Bloke makes easy DIY airconditioning with common household objects

A TikTok user has shared a simple way to make a DIY air conditioning unit during a heatwave that might help keep you sane as the temperatures climb towards 30C.

In the clip, Sam @sam.southall02 instructs people to "close all windows and doors" in the room they want to cool.

He then puts a frozen two-liter bottle of water behind a fan and switches it on.

It might be better to use a proper ice-pack because, as some people have suggested, bottles can burst when the ice expands as they are frozen.

Otherwise, viewers were impressed and many said the hack really does work.

"Yes it does actually work but I wanna buy one [a fan] from Amazon, anyone suggest one?" commented one user.

"I told you this works," said another person tagging their pal.

Someone else fumed: "I can't cope with UK weather."

Running an electric fan costs just 7p for eight hours based on an output of a typical 70W fan.

Energy expert at, Max Green told the Mirror: "The stifling heat can confuse our judgement when it comes to deciding whether to fork out for an expensive cooling system.

"They can be costly to buy and run and are only useful for the few hot days the UK experiences every year.

"The humble electric fan is still one of the most common solutions for combating the heat, and at a cost of roughly 7p a night, it comes at a price that the majority of people will be willing to pay for comfort."

If you are too hot, you can also try wearing damp clothing which will help cool your body down as the water evaporates.

You might also find it cooler to work or rest in a north-facing room, if you have one.

This comes after a dog lover shared the tragic news that her French bulldog had died from heatstroke after going for a quick walk in the lunchtime heat.

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