‘BIP’: Becca Hits It Off With Thomas On A Date & Leaves Tammy In Tears

Becca Kufrin decided to pursue Tammy Ly’s man, Thomas Jacobs, on this week’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ and she was absolutely giddy after their night out.

Becca Kufrin got a real taste of Paradise on the Sept. 7 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. When she arrived to the show ahead of the second rose ceremony, Becca quickly hit it off with Aaron Clancy and gave him her rose. However, going into this next week, she was unsure about where they stood. “We haven’t spent that much time together,” she explained. “We haven’t had THAT many conversations. I need to explore what we started here and hopefully he’s going to give me a rose.”

Unfortunately, her plans to spend the day with Aaron were shaken when Chelsea Vaughn arrived and asked Aaron out on a date. Seeing him leave with Chelsea made Becca question her relationship with him. “I think he’s a great guy, but I wish he’d get to know me more and ask questions,” she told Tia Booth. “Do you really like me, or is it just because of who I am? We’re not allowed that time right now because obviously he’s on a date.”

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