"Big Brother 22" Runner-Up Enzo Palumbo Doesn’t Think He Should Have Lost 9-0 In Finals

10 years after falling just short of reaching the final two – and a minimum of $50,000 – in Big Brother 12, Enzo Palumbo redeemed himself in Big Brother 22.

Enzo was one of the 16 All-Stars to return for the 22nd season of the popular CBS reality television program. Enzo, who finished third place in his previous season, reached the Big Brother 22 finals with ally Cody Calafiore.

But Cody, who won the most competitions this summer, garnered all nine votes from the jury to win the $500,000. He is just the second person to win the game unanimously; Dan Gheesling was the first to do so in Big Brother 10.

For Enzo, it wasn’t all for nothing. He took home the second place prize of $50,000 after coming up empty-handed 10 years earlier.

In an interview with Gold Derby, Enzo was asked if he thought “there could be a bitter jury”, which has been the case in recent years. Enzo believed this could be the case, but he was quite surprised that Cody received all nine votes from the jury.

“I played everybody in that house … but Cody was well-rounded, winning everything, winning comps when he needed to down the stretch,” Enzo said. “I think that’s what put him to the top, but 9-0 is still too much because I did play an awesome game too.”

Cody, the Big Brother 16 runner-up, stunned many when he last evicted Nicole Franzel, his closest ally throughout the season. The two also worked together on Big Brother 16, but Cody ultimately decided to evict the Big Brother 19 winner – much to Nicole’s surprise and dismay.

Cody won four Head of Household and four Power of Veto competitions. He wasn’t nominated for eviction once all year, and he had displayed grade-A jury management, making zero enemies in the house.

In comparison, Enzo won two HOH and one POV competition. He was especially strong from a social game standpoint, but ultimately, Cody’s superior performance in competitions and the aforementioned jury management were key in winning the $500,000.

Cody also became just the third person to reach the Big Brother finals twice, joining Gheesling (also the season 14 runner-up) and Paul Abrahamian (the runner-up in seasons 18 and 19).

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