BetterMe Introduces New Health Coaching Program

Let’s face it, we all try to start the new year with our best, most positive foot forward — from promising ourselves that we will stick to our fitness and wellness routines, to those affirmations that this WILL finally be the year we achieve that bikini-ready beach body just like our favorite celebs. However despite our best-intentions, old habits coupled with life’s stresses (hello, pandemic) can put an abrupt end to whatever progress we’ve made, sending us off track from reaching those healthy lifestyle and fitness goals we promised ourselves we’d reach this year.

Which is why we’re excited about the newest Health Coaching program from leading health and fitness mobile publisher BetterMe. Millions of adults (and over 100 million users!) already turn to BetterMe for its trusted advice, solutions and tools to help stay on track of your wellness goals — all year long. The new BetterMe Health Coaching app (available wherever you download your apps) focuses on creating healthy habits and implementing long-term behavioral changes.

What is BetterMe

BetterMe Founder and CEO Victoria Repa has made it her mission to make the world a healthier place, creating a wellness-oriented product that serves everyone, rather than those with just the ability and the means to train like a pro athlete or have catered meals like a celebrity.

As someone who struggled with weight issues, Victoria learned firsthand how important it was to have an effective solution to help her achieve and maintain her own wellness and healthy lifestyle goals. Which is why at the young age of 24, she left her job and started BetterMe, introducing the world to personalized fitness and diet courses. Today, BetterMe is available in 190 countries and more than 10 languages, making it one of the largest health and fitness solutions available in the world today!

‘We are not a tool for weight loss, we stand for life-changing behavior’ – Victoria Repa, CEO and Founder of BetterMe

Meet BetterMe Health Coaching

To help make it easy to encourage and maintain life-changing behaviors, Repa and her team created BetterMe: Health Coaching.  Available through the BetterMe app, Health Coaching is designed to provide the tools and resources needed to create and sustain the balance of a healthy body, and a healthy mind, for the long-term.

BetterMe Health Coaching is formulated to set you up for long-term success, with daily inspiration and advice at your fingertips. Designed with the time-crunched in mind, the app offers easy-to-digest interactive content, infographics, quizzes, open-ended questions, diaries, scales, and tests, that require just 10 minutes a day to keep you on track.

Focusing on both your physical and mental health, this customized health and wellness plan is tailored to help you reach and maintain your goals over the long haul. The BetterMe Health Coaching app has hundreds of quick and effective exercises you can do on the go, no matter your level of physical activity. From stretching to yoga, cardio to family workouts, there is something for everyone to get-up and get-moving, with plenty of achievement-oriented badges to keep you motivated to try more.

The BetterMe Health Coaching app also offers daily calorie trackers, personalized menus and meal plans, meaning you’ll spend less time worrying about how to plan your next meal, and more time focusing on all of the amazing things you can accomplish throughout the day with a healthy mindset. The easy to navigate meal logging feature also allows you to scan the barcodes of products, letting you keep tabs on the nutritional choices you’re making throughout the day.

With personalized workout and nutrition plans supported by real human coaches, as well as comprehensive tracking and cognitive therapy, BetterMe cuts out the need for trying the latest diet fad or spending hours (that we don’t have in our schedule in the first place) at the gym. Built to support users over a 6-12 month span, this new health and wellness coaching app will help you start the new year off — and make sure you stay that way — ensuring you don’t fall off or abandon that fitness goal you had in mind.

For Victoria Repa, achieving a healthy lifestyle and meeting your wellness and weight-loss goals should be an inclusive experience and not seem like a punishment. BetterMe is her blueprint to “accepting yourself the way you are, overcoming your own resistance to change, moving towards self-compassion, fighting against negative self-image, and loving yourself hard enough to embark on the journey of self-improvement.”

See why millions of consumers are turning to BetterMe to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle and best sure to check out its newest BetterMe Health Coaching app to keep you on track for your wellness goals in 2022.

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