Bethenny Frankel, 51, posts unfiltered bikini photo: ‘I rarely exercise’

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She’s being frank about body positivity.

Bethenny Frankel posted an unfiltered photo of herself posing poolside in a tiny bikini with a message about body positivity and choosing “balance and happiness” over dieting.

“Here’s the unfortunate truth. I rarely exercise. I hate water. I prioritize sleep but fail. I eat whatever I want but I never binge,” Frankel, 51, wrote on Instagram last Friday. “I run around like a lunatic with endless energy…”

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum shared that she is in better shape now than when she “endlessly” dieted and exercised in her 20s and 30s.

“[I] was much heavier & less happy overall with my physical appearance,” she recalled.

The “Just B” podcast host then touched on how her body is not perfect, but she happy with her flaws.

“I have good skin but I sag in some places & am thin, but not in any notable muscular shape by anyone’s standards,” she wrote. “I choose balance and happiness & doing the best that I can. When I’m 90 I won’t wish I exercised more, that’s for sure.”

She concluded her message with the hashtags, “#noglam #nofilter #loveyourself.”

Fans applauded Frankel for encouraging her 2.6 million followers to embrace their natural beauty and reject diet culture.

“Your honesty is what you makes you relatable…never stop. From day one on TV, I knew you were going to shine like no other. Will always be #teambethanny [sic] ❤️,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“You are such a role model to me in every way ! I aspire to be like you,” a second fan commented.

“and your honesty is why we love you B! Thank you for normalizing real life bodies… we are human, it’s time we all accept that and live like that x,” a third agreed.

However, others bashed the Skinnygirl founder for suggesting that exercise is not important for leading a healthy lifestyle.

“Ridiculous statement!! you need excersize [sic] to keep your muscles strong posture bone health etc when your old it’s beyond important! Spend some time in a rehab center for older people before you make these types of statements!” one critic wrote.

“Yes but a little muscle will protect those beautiful bones as you age,” another commented.

“Strength training and lifting weights promotes strong bones , though, especially as we age,” one more netizen echoed.

Other fans retorted that Frankel has been known to practice yoga over the years.

The former reality star shares 12-year-old daughter Bryn with ex-husband Jason Hoppy. She is engaged to Paul Bernon.

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