Best Vegan Cookies 2019 | The Sun UK

CUTTING out dairy can be hard – especially if doing so means you'll have to stop eating your favourite sweets.

Luckily, now you don't have to cut out cookies. Not only are vegan cookies tasting better than ever, many of the ones you love are already vegan friendly.

People need vegan-friendly cookies. Many are lactose intolerant, so will have to stay away from milk chocolate. Others want to avoid the environmental impact the dairy industry makes on the world.

Having dark chocolate is one way to keep delicious chocolate chips in your cookies. You can also opt for nut filled ones – as long as there's no eggs in either.

People who love the gym will be pleased to know that protein-packed cookies are also a viable way to get your daily dose of that muscle building nutrient.

If you need help narrowing down the best vegan cookies, our guide will have your new favourite.

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