Bella Hadid’s Trainer Reveals How Model Got Her Body Looking Better Than Ever For VS Fashion Show

Bella Hadid’s never been more ready for a VS Fashion Show than this year’s, which airs on Dec. 2. Her trainer, Joe Holder takes us inside her workouts and preparation before the big night!

The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just hours away! For weeks, and even months, the models have been preparing. — From intense workouts, to strict diets, and keeping their skin and bodies right with the proper treatments, models like Bella Hadid, 22, Kendall Jenner, 22, and more have trained their hardest to be ready for the coveted VS runway. So, we’re letting you guys in on a few fitness secrets of Bella’s, courtesy of her personal trainer to the stars, Joe Holder.

The fitness expert takes us inside Bella’s specific targeted workouts and describes the model‘s mentality ahead of the big night! “Bella is a hard worker and very stunning as is. I like to think that I am just a catalyst,” Holder admits. “Of course our training sessions are important, we focus a lot on controlled conditioning (moments of accelerated heart rate) and then targeting the core and posterior chain via complex movement patterns that included the usage of weights.”

“Once that was done, it was about a lot of specific targeting of certain areas via controlled isometrics and smaller banded movements,” Holder explains, adding that his goal is to act as a guidance for Bella. “During these times [preparing for the VS Fashion Show], she’s focused on going to bed earlier, eating better, etc and maintaining her happiness,” he adds. “I think that then shines through and everything else she does training wise which will result in higher quality work and an improved physique.”

Just like he does for Bella, Holder tailors his workouts to his clients, as not the same approach works for everyone. “I’m relatively individualistic with my approach,” he says. “Everyone does not need the same thing and therefore you have to be particular with what is going on in order to produce best results. While there are certain frameworks you can apply to the majority of clients, you can’t simply do the same thing for all and be successful.”

As for beginners in the gym, Holder says it all starts with accepting where you are in terms of your progression. “Take where you are and focus on that! Do not stress about what you want in the future,” he advises. Instead, “while you’re motivated by the goal, stay focused in the current moment. If you control what you have to at that current moment, then progress will always happen.”

“I know it is cheesy, but really take it a step at a time,” Holder says, before explaining the thought process. “Think of a holistic wellness routine that includes not just the workouts but also eating, mindfulness strategies, and stress reductions. From there you can really make sure you have an infrastructure for success.”

The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was taped on November 8th. The show will be broadcast on ABC and online on Sunday, December 2. Be sure to head back to for all of the best coverage on the annual show!

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