Asda shoppers appalled at price difference between men and women’s razors

Asda shoppers have been left outraged after finding out that the supermarket chain sells fewer women's razors for a higher price than the men's version of the same product.

Lee Tasker, a TikTok user who has been educating himself on 'pink tax' – which is where feminine hygiene products are sold for a higher price than men's products, was shocked to spot it happening at his local Asda.

The bloke was looking at three-blade razors on the shelves when he realised a pack of five in the men's section where being sold for £1 less than a pack of 2 of the same product in the women's section.

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In the clip, Lee explained: "I went to Asda and I had a look at razors. Here are men's razors in Asda's own-brand, three-blade razors, pivoting head, suitable for sensitive skin – £2.

"Then I went over to the women's section and I found these three-blade razors, same again, pivoting head suitable for sensitive skin, lubricating gel, same as the men's.

"£3 – 50% more! What's even more f***ed up is the men's pack is a five in the pack and the women's two in a pack. It's £3 for a pack of two razor blades for the women.

"That's one pound 50 per razor blade. Men's the preliminary, exact same razor blade is five, £2 divided by five to 40 pence a razor blade.

"Pink tax is f***ed up, honestly, being a man. It makes me f***ing angry thinking about it."

The video, which has gained more than 92,000 likes, was captioned: "Honestly, I think pink tax should be illegal."

TikTok users flocked to the comments to share his outrage at it.

One user wrote: "They shame us for having body hair and then charge us double for razors….."

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Another added: "@asda you going to help us sort this out?"

A third said: "I've been buying men's razors for years because of this."

However, not everyone was sympathetic to the cost difference as one user said: "Call it stupid tax because it's their own choice to buy it."

ASDA have been contacted for a comment on the pricing of their three-blade razors.


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