Ariz. Man Survives After Being Struck by 2-Lb. Metal Object That Smashed Through His Windshield

An Arizona man is lucky to be alive after a 2-pound metal object came barreling through his windshield as he was driving on the freeway.

Phoenix realtor Jose Barboza said he credits his quick reflexes with saving his life after the freak incident this week on the Loop 101 freeway, KTVK reported.

"I'm very thankful for my reflex because all I had was noise and a shadow coming at me," he recalled to the outlet. "I'm glad I was able to maintain control, not hitting anybody else, but it was a pretty scary moment."

Barboza said he was on his way to see a client in Scottsdale when he noticed a piece of scrap metal kick up on the road in front of him and come barreling toward his car.

He could not get out of the way in time, and the 2-pound metal object came smashing through his windshield.

"When it went through the windshield, it hit me first in the shoulder, then the other edge cut my right ear lobe in half," he explained to KTVK. "I dodged to the left to avoid damage to my face."

Though Barboza admitted that "panic kicked in" after the object hurled through his car, the realtor soon went into "survivor mode" and managed to pull off the freeway and call 911.

From there, Barboza was able to determine the extent of his injuries, which he said included a lot of blood, especially from his right ear, and some pain.

Still, though, he told the outlet his injuries were nothing compared to what could have occurred had he crashed his car or not dodged out of the way.

"I'm thankful to be alive," he explained to KTVK, as he showed the outlet his shattered windshield. "It's quite heavy if you see the size; it's a pretty big piece."

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Barboza reportedly chose not to go to a hospital after the encounter.

Instead, he said he called a registered nurse friend, who treated his injuries.

"I'm just thankful nothing else happened," Barboza told the outlet.

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