Are Halsey and John Mayer Dating? A Funny Instagram Live Video Tells All

Are they or aren’t they? According to Instagram, they definitely aren’t.

John Mayer and Halsey finally laid the rumors when they appeared on Mayer’s Instagram live show called “Set the Mood.” Sources have speculated that the two superstar recording artists were hooking up behind the scenes and keeping things quiet. Rather than let the rumors continue, the pair addressed them head on.

John Mayer, 41, described Halsey’s guest appearance on his show as “click-bait-y” but ultimately justified the stunt as a way to address the “elephant in the room.” Mayer also complimented Halsey by calling her an “unbelievable artist” and “a dear friend.”

John Mayer and Halsey | John Mayer via

Halsey came on Mayer’s show to address the romance rumors

The two decided to discuss the rumors with a humorous “Are They Dating?” game where they held up premade cue cards. Mayer waffled back and forth, joking, “If we are dating, it’ll be great, and if we’re not, it’ll be fine!” It seemed like he was reluctant to reveal the real answer.

Finally, after a drumroll, John Mayer asked the burning question: “Are we dating?” and Halsey held up her written response, “No.” Then Mayer joked, “Halsey and I ask for publicity in this very difficult time.”

Why aren’t Halsey and John Mayer dating?

Just in case people didn’t believe them, the singers went on to explain why they aren’t romantically involved. According to the cue cards, Mayer said, “The fact that we’re both alpha types, while not prohibitive, would make a romantic relationship difficult, especially when compounded by the fact that we’re both highly driven and creative artists who value our independence.”

Halsey agreed and said, “For being my not-boyfriend, you know me so well.”

Halsey and John Mayer | John Mayer via

Why did people think they were dating?

The dating rumors gained steam after the pair were caught publicly flirting on social media.

Halsey posted an Instagram video of herself playing the guitar, and it said, “This Is Your Brain on Writer’s Block: everything I write today sounds like my Myspace song in 2008 or a poorly disguised Beatles rip-off. Someone send help.”

And Mayer’s flirty reply: “I can be over to break your heart in 20?”

Halsey had previously denied allegations of a romance on the SiriusXM show The Morning Mashup, but fans didn’t believe her denial. Perhaps now that both singers were in the same space both denying a relationship, the rumors will officially end.

Then there’s the tweet Halsey sent out that really says it all:

“I just had a ground breaking idea. What if…we let female artists…have friends…without assuming that they are sleeping together? I know I know. It’s like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried ?”

Well said, Halsey.

Are Halsey or John Mayer dating anyone else?

Halsey has spent most of 2018 in a hot and cold, on and off relationship with G-Eazy, and fans realize that the two might not be done for good. Their dating timeline isn’t entirely clear, though it’s apparent that the attraction between the two is strong.

Rapper G-Eazy said of Halsey to E! News, “She’s an incredible artist… I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to get in the studio with a lot of artists that I admire, but she’s one of those that when you hear her voice come through live from the booth, it’s one of those, it just hits you right away. It’s pure.”

Even though G-Eazy has so much respect for Halsey as an artist, as of December 2018 the two are not officially dating.

Meanwhile, John Mayer has a bit of a lothario past and has been linked to plenty of women over the course of his career, including Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Minka Kelly, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Carlton, and many more. He is not officially seeing anyone as of December 2018.

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