Amazon driver ‘kicked customer’s dog six times and called homeowner a b****’

An Amazon driver allegedly kicked a customer's pet dog six times and branded the owner a 'b****'.

Crash the chihuahua was left limping after the shocking incident in York on Monday, according to Eilis Pitwood.

The mum-of-two was breastfeeding her baby when she was forced to run into the garden to rescue her dog and chase off the driver.

Eilis, 19, has since received a box full of food treats from Amazon which came with the message: "Not in the dog house."

The delivery driver, who is understood to have become irritated by the presence of the dog, has been fired, according to the mum.

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On Monday, Eilis complained about the incident on Facebook , writing: "Disgusted with your carriers.

"Delivered my order and kicked my chihuahua six times before I chased the man out of my garden."

Referring to a bone disorder which affects her pet's hips, she added: "(I'm) having to take him to the vets as he already has Perth's disease and is seriously limping from this attack.

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"If he could do this to a dog, what could he do to a child?"

Eilis, who ordered the item on eBay but had it delivered by Amazon, expressed happiness that the driver had lost his job.

She said: "I'm happy he was sacked.

"I've never had anyone have a problem with a chihuahua.

"Crash was running around his feet barking. I think he thought it was acceptable to stand still and attempt to kick him instead of walking out of the gate.

"I had to leave the kids in the living room and try get my dogs away from him but because he was kicking them they obviously were running and barking more.

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"I had to run down the garden path in my dressing gown, no shoes to chase him away.

"That's when he called me a b***h.

"I have a three-year-old and 18-month-old and my three-year old was upset and confused why I was running after a man in the garden."

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Eilis later shared a photograph showing a box of crisps, fudge, popcorn, cookies and honeycomb dips Amazon had sent her in a box with the words "not in the dog house".

A gift note from Amazon read: "Thank you for allowing us to work through your recent concerns.

"Kind regards Amazon Executive Customer Relations."

Eilis thanked the company in her reply and said that Crash was "doing well", despite being "a bit scared of outside".

An Amazon spokesperson said: "We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers.

"We are taking this matter seriously and have worked directly with the customer to make things right”.

North Yorkshire Police was contacted for comment.

Last year, Amazon had to pay out £16,000 in vet fees after one of their drivers ran over one-year-old dachshund, Dukey, while delivering in Burgh Castle, Norfolk.

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