Age-defying 72-year-old shares her ‘strange’ tea

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Dr. Mamina Turegano is a “triple board-certified” dermatologist who enjoys making videos on her TikTok account @dr.mamina with her Japanese mother Michiko. The 72-year-old mom has gone viral online due to her “sometimes strange” advice on how she continues to keep her skin flawless despite her age.

In one TikTok video, Michiko has a strange but simple remedy on how to defy aging, with an ingredient you properly already have in your home. She explained she uses onion skin to make tea as it “has so many benefits”.

Dr. Mamina, dermatologist and Michiko’s daughter, explained: “Before trying this, I looked up ‘onion peel’ on Pub Med to see which studies have been done with it. Much to my surprise, there were over one hundred studies listed, many of which showed multiple health benefits.

She added: “A word which came up repeatedly was ‘quercetin’. This is a flavonoid which is a type of anti-oxidant and has many health benefits, including anti-ageing of course.”

In the video, Dr Mamina listed some of the health benefits that onion skin can help with alongside the anti-ageing aspect. She said onion can be anti-inflammatory, an immune booster, as well as help fight allergies.

In order to make the tea, 72-year-old Mom Michiko said it was important to wash the onion skin “thoroughly”. Then let the onion skin sit out in the sun for a couple of hours before you begin cooking.

After the preparation has been done, she placed “a handful” of the onion skin in a small pot of water and boiled it for around 15 to 30 minutes. After that, both mom and daughter enjoyed their onion tea, and Dr Mamina said she was going to try the tip “for the next few weeks” to see if her mother’s tea helped her in any way.

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The 72-year-old’s unusual tea has taken off online, and Dr. Mamina took to Instagram to answer more questions about the age-defying hack. Many of Dr. Mamina and Michiko’s fans wanted to know more about the onion tea and how often the 72-year-old mom drank it.

Dr. Mamina answered: “My mom drinks it daily. There is not a study that supports the recommended amount of onion and onion tea consumption, so I can’t recommend a specific amount ⁣⁣.”

In the comment section on TikTok, Dr. Mamina answered a fan who recommended you boil orange peeks alongside the onion peels since it is also high in quercetin. The user said: “Mixing onion peels and orange peels is a super easy way to make it very potent!”

Dr Mamina replied: “That’s awesome! My mom mentioned that adding raw honey can help with the taste too.”

Other fans in the comment section said they have been drinking onion tea all their life. One person said: “Onion tea really does help with a lot! My mom makes it for me when I get a cold or flu and legit the next day I’m better. We add raw honey and some lemon!”

Someone else added: “My mum also used to make this for me when I was ill. We’re Hungarian and we have it is a common remedy for coughing.” While one user said: “I tried your onion tea and it helped me sleep. Love your advice, keep it up!”

Some fans said they were going to try the onion tea as they couldn’t believe Michiko was 72 years old. One person commented: “She’s 72?! Wow – yeah I am definitely going to try this” while someone else said: “Your mom looks great, thank you for all your advice, I am going to try and make this today.”

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