Adidas 4DFWD trainers review – sleek running shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish

JOGGING any distance whatsoever after running (and hobbling) 26.2 miles across London in October was not part of my plan – but after competing in the London Marathon 2021, I decided I couldn't not take advantage of my new-found fitness. 

Introducing my new Adidas 4DFWD trainers…

  • Adidas 4DFWD trainers, £170 – buy here

They arrived in perfect time for my post-marathon dark night (and morning) runs – fellow joggers and walkers can see me coming a mile off thanks to their incredibly stylish reflective detail. 

I couldn’t wait to try them out, whilst a little apprehensive due to my over-pronounced step. 

I usually seek comfort from the typical ‘flyte-foam’ cushion soft soles that can trick my feet into thinking they’re bouncing on a cloud.

With their sock-like fit and eye-catching outsole, they are very much a neutral runner’s shoe. I usually find myself buying running shoes a size above my size 7.5 feet to avoid blisters and nail problems that often come from swelling, but due to the fitting, it’s not necessary with these.

You miss out on the hugging fit and may even find they’d slip off so Adidas themselves recommend going half a size down.

Don’t be deceived though, they are as comfortable as they are weightless.

Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg herself would be impressed with the extra eco-friendly element to them as 50 percent is constructed from recycled materials.

The 3D sole is the most impressive element to these. With exceptional grip on the roads, whether it be the falling leaves or the icey roads that I know we are only days away from experiencing, the step and the grip will keep you moving with full confidence and effortless style.

The only thing I would mention is due to their cell sole, they would probably not be ideal for beach-dwellers. This Cornish girl wore them to the beach once and was draining sand from the sole for days afterwards. Definitely a city shoe but overall a top trainer.

Product: Adidas 4dFWD trainers

Price: £170

Rating: 4/5

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