A drunk text to my mum exposed my lesbian affair and now she won’t speak to me – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I MISTAKENLY sent my mum a text intended for my lover – and now she knows I’m having an affair with another woman.

I’m married to a man and now Mum’s not talking to me. I met my lover six months ago when I was out clubbing with a group of female friends.

I never saw myself as a lesbian before but we clicked instantly.

My marriage was in trouble, our sex life wasn’t good and it was amazing to be with someone who took the trouble to make sure I had a good time in bed too.

She’s 29 and I am 34. My husband is 56. He is a selfish man — and lover — and I’d leave him if it weren’t for our daughter, who’s only 18 months old.

I booked a weekend away with him while our daughter stayed with my mum.

I hoped we could have some time to concentrate on our relationship but instead he spent the whole time playing golf.

I was left on my own either in the hotel room or in the bar. It was my girlfriend’s birthday last week and we went out with all our other mates.

We try not to be too obvious in public but I longed to tell her how much I love her and how sexy she is, so I decided to text her.

My mum was babysitting and I also needed to text her to say I would be home soon.

I had been drinking and I mixed the messages up and sent my mum the one intended for my girlfriend, which included her name.

My mum has thought this woman was just a good friend. She had no idea that we love each other.

My mum wouldn’t talk to me when I got home. She just grabbed her coat and left.

I texted her trying to explain but she now won’t return my calls or texts.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Your mum is most likely shocked and worried, not just for you and your husband but for your daughter too.

Tell her that you can understand her feelings and this has made you realise you need to sort out your priorities.

Work on your marriage first. Tell your girlfriend you need to take a break and see if you can strengthen your marriage, if only for your daughter’s sake to start with.

Explain how important it is for you to be sure that, whatever decision you make, it is right for your daughter, who is the one who has no choice in this situation.

If your girlfriend truly cares for you she will understand.

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If he won’t match your efforts to save your marriage, or you realise your heart just isn’t in it, end that properly before rushing to get together with your lover.

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