24 Unreal Travel Experiences You Have to Try in 2019

Mindful Movement: Mosfellsdalur, Iceland

Start packing your bags, because we have some travel ideas that are going to make your 2019 over-the-top incredible. Travel authority Airbnb just released its travel trends for next year, and while some don’t seem surprising (wellness travel is still going to be big!), at least one of them will make you say, “Whoa!”

There are six key trends that will be huge in 2019: horse yoga experiences, food experiences, historical travel, tie-dyeing experiences, mindful movement, and yoga and wine pairing. With the help of Airbnb, we’ve pulled together a huge list of places where you can experience all of these trends next year — and yes, that includes where you can do horse yoga!

Keep reading to get inspired for your next vacation, and make sure you have your passport handy: we think you’re going to love those wine and yoga classes in Italy . . .

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