16 Funny Christmas Instagram Captions You Won’t Want To Exchange (Unlike Aunt Carol’s Gift)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… like, a lot a lot. In fact, Christmas is in just a few days, so it’s safe to say many people are fully feeling the holiday spirit. One place that many will likely be spreading their Christmas cheer very shortly? Instagram, of course — because what’s a holiday without social media content? If you’re planning on partaking in a few Instagrams this Christmas, though, you’ll definitely need some sort of funny Christmas Instagram caption to go with your photo.

Since captions are often the most difficult part of posting an Instagram (be honest: how many times have you let a photo sit in drafts for days, only to eventually just pick a couple of relevant emojis because you can’t think of anything else?), I’ve taken the liberty of gathering some Christmas-themed quotes that you can use for captions this year. Pick a few that you like and save them in the notes app on your phone for easy access this holiday — you can thank me later.

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