You’ve been storing baked beans all wrong – bloke reveals the ‘right’ way and it makes them easier to get out of the tin

FIRST we discovered we were closing cereal boxes and frozen vegetables wrong, then we learned the proper way to cook pasta and use salt and pepper shakers. 

And now it turns out, we’ve been storing our beans all wrong too. 

Whether it’s on toast, a jacket potato or on the side of a full English, you end up using a spoon, fork, or even a knife, trying to scrape the very last baked beans out of the tin.

But that will soon be a thing of the past, after a savvy bloke revealed how to properly store them in your cupboard. 

Rather than stacking them with label facing up (sorry, Stacey Solomon) you need to turn the tin upside down. 

While it might make your food cupboard look bonkers, it will save you loads of time when cooking. 

A bloke, called Tim, shared his ‘life hack’ on TikTok, where it’s racked up hundreds of thousands of views, as he demonstrated with a can of Heinz. 

He said: “Always store beans upside down and you’ll never have to scrape them from the bottom again.”

His tip has blown people’s minds, with one person saying: “What?? Just seen this now. This could be a game changer to all tinned foods in our home.”

Another agreed, writing: “And you will not get sauce splash back either.”

A this raved: “100% it is the greatest hack ever.”

While this person pointed out: “Someone has to notify them to change the production process so the cans will be upside down yet the label will stay the same.” 

A few people advised Tim to open the can from the bottom, but sadly he confirmed his only have a ring pull, so he has to have the label upside down. 

But he did warn people to do it behind a closed cupboard, so no one can see.

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