You've been sitting on the toilet all wrong – here's what you really need to do when you're having a poo

FOR those that struggle to see results on the toilet, it may be down to your position.

Giulia Guerrini, the lead pharmacist at digital pharmacy, has offered her top tips for the best way to sit on the toilet – and the results might surprise you.

"Sitting in the wrong position can have an impact: our gut is not designed to completely open the hatch when we are in a seated position (or standing), which means that our faeces hit a corner (thank god or it would be a disaster)," she explained to the

"Squatting has always been the preferable position as it helps the muscles relax and straighten the faeces exit pathway."

In fact, in countries where a throne chair is used for people to sit on while on the toilet,diverticulitis, haemorrhoids and constipation are the most common.

And while squatting is the optimum position for your toilet habits, you don't have to get rid of your toilet.

Instead, Giulia suggests learning forward and putting your feet on a stool at the foot of the toilet to recreate the "perfect angle" for passing stools.

She also advises against sitting on the toilet for too long, as doing so "puts extra stress and pressure on the veins in the lowest part of your rectum, and if those veins bulge, you can end up getting haemorrhoids".

Haemorrhoids are not only incredibly uncomfortable, but can also caused rectal bleeding.

And don't strain when you're on the toilet either – as that can cause tiny tears in the anus, otherwise known as anal fissures.

"Make sure you up your fibre intake and drink plenty of fluids to ensure that you’re not pushing a bit too hard," she suggested.

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And ensure your bathroom is clean by hoovering the toilet.

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