You’ve been pooing all wrong – woman bizarrely claims you should sit backwards on the loo so you can eat & watch Netflix

LIKE it or not pooping is something we all do, but some, it seems, have a very unique way of going about their business.

One woman claims we've all been doing it wrong and that we should be sitting on the loo backwards while doing a number two.

This way, you can kill time by snacking and watching your favourite show on Netflix – an idea many seem keen on.

TikTok user Amy shared a clip demonstrating her "like hack" which has since garnered millions of views, and insisted it would "change your life forever".

"You have been pooping wrong," she says. "What I want you to do is poop backwards.

"Get your favourite snacks, get your favourite show and that’s how you poop. It’s the best of all times. You just sit there jamming and pooping".

It wasn't long before others tried out the bizarre trend with Karla from Texas popping to the loo with a Corona beer, bag of crisps and Netflix on her iPad.

Amy’s video has been viewed more than three million times, and while it's clearly a joke (we hope), the video has left many viewers disgusted.

One person quipped: "My food can’t tough bathroom air."

While another said: "I refuse to let food in the bathroom, it’s like adding the odour to it."

Dr Aydin from Turkey even chimed in saying:"Your show should end in five minutes, otherwise you could get haemorrhoids [if you sit there for that long]."

Some, however, reckon it's a pretty good idea and said they'd try it out.

One person claimed "You realise the bathroom is the cleanest place in the house because you clean it with bleach so often".

Another added: "Netflix idea, yes, but food, I don’t know".

We advise checking in with an expert before taking up the idea as there's a high risk of an E. coli infection.

E. Coli can cause an infection when you drink water or eat food that has been contaminated by faeces – so definitely don't try it at home.

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