You've been cooking your pizza wrong – chef claims putting them in the oven is totally ruining them

IT’S always surprising when you think you have been doing something right your whole life, and it turns out that it is actually wrong – especially when it comes to dinner time. 

And one new documentary is quite literally cooking up a storm as it has revealed how we may not be cooking the simplest recipes tasks correctly.

It claims how we really should be cooking our favourite dishes including shop bought pizza. 

Who would’ve thought that putting them in the oven on a typical fan setting could be totally ruining them. 

In Channel 5’s Secrets of the Fast Food Giants, TV host Alexis Conran says the dough and topping turn out better if cooked under the grill.

And to make the dough really crisp underneath, you need a “secret weapon”.


Holding up a baking steel he says to let it absorb the heat until it was “extremely hot.” 

Baking steels are made purely from steel – clay, ceramic, or cordierite – and because they're made from different materials, it helps to conduct the heat. 

He said: "What you do is you put this in your oven, wack it up to your top temperature [grill] in your high shelf, and what happens is that it is so hot it cooks your base.

"It's what you like, doughy, and gives the dough a time to rise because it has been cooked from the bottom.

"While the grill is melting everything above."

Alexis then proved this by cooking two identical shop-bought pizzas.

I think if this came in a Dominoes box I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference, apart from the crust

He cooked one with the pre-heated pizza stone under the hot grill, and the other on a metal tray using the fan oven setting.

The pizza tasters on the show were impressed with the taste of the stone-baked one, with one of them saying: “I think if this came in a Dominoes box I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference, apart from the crust.

"Whereas that one [nods to a fan oven cooked] tastes more like a supermarket pizza, like a frozen pizza."

Alexis said the baking steel was a great way to get heat "you'd otherwise not be able to achieve outside of a professional kitchen".

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