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A FOODIE has revealed how to ensure you buy the freshest chunk of meat every single time – and it's got nothing to do with the expiry date.

Like most of us, TikTok user Brittany S. (@brittself20), from North Carolina, wants to make sure she doesn't waste money unnecessarily – and shopping smart for food is a must.

According to the fitness fan, there is a hack when it comes to buying meat – and it'll give you the best piece of chicken and beef every time.

''Just a little word of advice when you're shopping for meat and you can actually see the meat through the package, feel itif that's good.''

Offering the trick to her almost 25k fans on TikTok, Brittany then demonstrated what meat lovers should look out for.

If there's air in the packaging and it's all bubbled, the savvy shopper urged to leave it on the shelves.


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She insisted that the gas in the plastic packaging means the meat's changed the temperatures ''too quickly''.

''Went from hot to cold or vice versa,'' she noted in the video.

''Always avoid buying meat that is bubbled up like this.''

Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform, the clip has racked up over 2.5million views in less than a week.

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Close to a thousand viewers flocked to comments, many of whom couldn't believe stores would sell meat like that.

One exclaimed in horror: ''It’s crazy that they will still put that meat out for families to eat.''

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Someone else added: ''Also bacteria produce gas as a by-product of growth, so there’s more bacteria growth occurring.''

''both of my parents have been/are chefs. learned this years ago! love seeing others being educated on it!'' a foodie confirmed the information was true.

''I love being a vegetarian,'' a fourth chuckled.

Speaking of meat, did you know what the 'E' symbol on the packaging stands for?

Well, shoppers are only discovering this – and they are anything but pleased.

With the cost-of-living crisis making food prices soar by 11.6%, more supermarket customers are paying attention to what they buy – after all, every penny counts.

Amongst those now carefully inspecting their bills and food items is Elaine Barker, a member of the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

One day, after weighing the mince she had purchased, the woman came to a shocking discovery; one she decided to share to the fellow members of the group.

''NOT a coupon or bargain but maybe something to think about…..are we getting what we pay for?'' Elaine wrote in the caption of the post.

According to her, she had grabbed a 500g packet of lean beef steak mince.

Like the majority of us, she assumed that that's what she would be getting – half a kilo of the product she had paid for.

But despite what the packaging stated, she very quickly came to learn that rather than 500g of meat, she had instead purchased less than that.

''Bought what I assumed was 500g, as stated on the pack, but in reality got 456g!

''Not a lot of difference I know but it just makes me wonder,'' she continued in the caption above the snap which revealed the unpleasant discovery.

Social media users then came to conclude that the 'E' on the plastic packaging stands for 'estimated', leaving many furious.

''People moaning its only 50g yet if you bought a variety bag of 6 packs of crisp and only got 5 would you still be okay with it [sic]?'' commented one person.

''You bought a crate of 12 cans and got 10 is that okay?

''We do get conned even when the times are hard and they call it a " living crisis " people should be more vigilant on where there wasting there money!''

Another agreed, penning: ''For those who don’t think it’s a big deal. Every 11th packet if packaged at 50g less is pure profit to these companies.

''So they’re ripping everyone off and getting away with it.

''Yes the “e” means average or estimated weight but it’s also not meant to fall below a certain percentage weight wise of the amount stated which is the case here as it’s almost 10% below what’s being advertised.''

To avoid getting ripped off and making the most out of your money, someone else suggested: ''If you went to a butchers they weigh the products in front of you.

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''Buy fresh buy local buy bulk if needs be separate & home freeze.''

An angry shopper added: ''I don’t care what the E in the corner stands for or packaging errors, get it right I’m paying for 500g give me 500g not rocket science.''

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