You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the 3 apples hidden among the tomatoes in under 20 seconds | The Sun

ONLY people with immaculate vision have been able the three apples hiding among the tomatoes in under 20 seconds.

While the challenge may sound easy, only those with a sharp eye for detail seem to be able to accomplish it.

Gergely Dudas (@thedudolf), a Hungarian artist based in Germany who specializes in optical illusion art, shared the artwork in an attempt to stump his fans.

The artist proved to be wildly successful in his attempt.

The drawing has stumped viewers, who struggled to locate the three imposter apples among the horde of bright red tomatoes.

While the task may at first seem impossible, we promise the apples are there and are just camouflaged extremely well.

Victorious viewers who are able to locate the tricky fruits in under 20 seconds can accurately claim they have superior vision.

If you're still struggling, however, don't fret, as we've included the solution to the puzzle before.

With a little bit of practice, you can train the eye to pick out the details and keys to victory.

Take a closer look and you may see the three individual apples with leaves on their heads instead of stems.

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One cleverly concealed itself on the upper right, while two others hid in the bottom left and center-left of the crowd.

If you're on the hunt for another challenge, try another puzzle created by Dudas, this time looking for a mouse hidden among mushrooms.

Or if you're feeling up to the task, attempt to locate a snake slithering through a crowd of tortoises.

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