You can now LIVE in the Wacky Warehouse for £950 a month – and it’s the ultimate play pad complete with climbing frame

ALL KIDS of the nineties will remember The Wacky Warehouse as the unrivalled location for birthday parties full of slides and ball pits.

According to an online advertisement, you can now rent out a room in one of the old activity centres – if you're willing to part with £950 a month.

The advert for the room in London was recently posted on Hackney Wick Spaces on Facebook, and has gained hundreds of comments from members of the group.

The out-of-the-ordinary ad reads: "Double room available in the old Wacky Warehouse in Dalston.

"You'll be sharing with five other creatives aged 24-35, four of us are working and the other a mature student in desairology."

"The room is fully carpeted with two fully openable windows. Available from late November, pm for details."

The pictures show a play area just like those from a Wacky Warehouse, along with a bright, modern living area and kitchen.

The bedroom, on the other hand, has been left in a messy state with an unmade bed and clothes, empty dishes and a bag of laundry on the floor, covering most of the carpet.

One person commented on the post saying  "I can't decide if I hate it or want to live there immediately".

Another said: "Could I pop round just to ‘play’?"

A third posted: "It has to be some psychological project", accompanied by lots of laughing emojis.

Some questioned the images of the dining table and kitchen, saying that they thought it was photoshopped, and highlighting the blurred out fridge.

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