Worst eyebrow fails ever, from scribbled-on arches to tattoo disasters

But some people aren't bothered about trying to imitate Cara Delevingne's perfect brows – in fact, they've gone totally rogue.

We've collected a few snaps of some of the most hilarious eyebrow looks out there.

In one photo, we see a woman who's decided to have the Nike logo tattooed above her eyes.

Then there are those who've shaved their bristles off and scribbled over the top of them – with shapes ranging from tadpoles to waves.

Here are a few of the craziest we've found…

Just don't do it

On the straight and narrow


Spelling it out

Where we draw the line

Hair today, gone tomorrow

A brush with disaster

Following his heart

Completely dotty

Making waves

Eye don't know what to say

Feeling sluggish

Wrong angle

So close, yet so far

Up in the hair

Are you fur real?

Sharpie look

A tad unflattering

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