Women rave about 'holy grail' baby product that costs just £1.25 and is a 'chub rub' game changer | The Sun

THE sun's out, you've got a flirty little minidress on… but then you feel that familiar sensation of your thighs beginning to rub together.

Inner thigh chafing – also called "chub rub" – is the bane of many women's lives in the summer, but one claims to have found a "holy grail" product to help prevent it.

Hannah took to TikTok to share a snap of Asda's Little Angels Liquid Talc, as she wrote: "Girls, if you suffer with chafing, this is a holy grail for summer."

In the comments section, others were quick to rave about the product, with one writing: "Been using it for years."

"Life saver," another added.

As a third praised: "I use this it's amazing."

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"The saviour of the chub rub club!" another comment read.

Hannah wasn't the only person to take to TikTok to rave about the liquid talc, which goes on as a cream but leaves a talc-like finish.

Lauren Marie also posted a video talking about the talc, as she explained: "If you are like me and you suffer with chub rub, under boob sweat – people of all different shapes and sizes suffer so you know don’t feel ashamed.

"Not everyone is a whale like me. But I have got the product for you."

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Holding up the tube of liquid talc, she continued: "This is like a godsend. I

"t’s amazing – I think it was about £2.

"It smells just like talc and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve probably ever tried when trying to help with chub rub."

"Liquid Talc. It is a game changer!!!" she added in the caption.

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"I discovered this when my kids were babies… It's the best!!!" one person commented on the video.

As another added: "will definitely use this this summer."

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