Women are making their own gonks out of socks – and it costs next to nothing

IT'S time to get festive – and these women have discovered a savvy way to make sure your Christmas decorations don't destroy your bank account.

We all know that the festive period can be stressful and particularly heavy on our finances – but going all out on decorating the house doesn't necessarily mean having to spend hundreds upon hundreds.

If you have any old socks just sitting in your drawer – and we know you do – this cheap Christmas trick might be for you!

And what better way to use up those worn out socks than making cute-looking Christmas gnomes!

These little fellows, inspired by the Scandinavian culture, will turn your living room into a truly magical Winter Wonderland.


In order to make your own family of Xmas gonks, you will only need to follow a few steps, involving socks, scissors, some faux fur fabric, rice and a few white rubber bands.

There are many ways of achieving the end result, but the easiest, we found, is by filling a cup – the larger, the better – with rice and then covering it with the sock (as if you were to put it on your foot).

The tutorial we followed, posted by Karin Goodell, tells to then flip the cup to dump all the rice into the sock and use a band to tie it all together.

To give the gonk a more realistic look, it's also advised to plump it up a little bit – just so the gnome isn't all flat and lifeless.

The next step is to cut off the remaining sock – but be careful not to cut it too low because the rice will spill out; somewhere in the middle is the perfect spot!

Once that's done, the tutorial shows how to make the nose for your cute fellow.

This is done by simply making your hand into a claw – like you were to snatch something – and grabbing a small amount of rice in the middle of the gonk's body.

Now the fun part – adorning the gnome with a festive outfit!

For this, just cut a Christmas pattern sock into two and pull it over the little man – it might ruin the nose but you can easily fix that and make a new one later!

All dressed up, your Scandi fellow is now ready for a hat!

This, again, is simply pulling over a different sock over the head part and tying the toe section of it to give it the pom pom effect.

One last step before placing these adorable decorations all across your house is taking a small triangle section of the fur fabric and tucking it under the nose to give it a fluffy beard.

And that's it!

If you're feeling extra fancy, add some baubles to the hat!

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Add a little cute nose by grabbing the rice inside the sock and tying it with an elastic band.Credit: YouTube/Karin Goodell
Once you're ready to add the faux fur beard, cut our a small semicircle to make sure it fits snugly.Credit: YouTube/Karin Goodell
And there he is – your own little Scandi fellow!Credit: YouTube/Karin Goodell
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