Woman turns fridge into a blackboard so she can leave housemates passive aggressive notes – but they have the last laugh

A YOUNG woman has revealed how she transformed her fridge into a blackboard just so she can leave passive aggressive notes for her housemates.

The grubby kitchen appliance had certainly seen better days, but rather than replace it altogether, Kate decided to tackle it with a paint roller and share a video of the process on TikTok.

"Watch me transform my fridge my painting it with chalkboard paint so I can leave passive aggressive messages to my housemates about toilet paper and eating my popcorn," she said.

Kate suggested putting down a towel to protect the floor underneath before making a start.

She then started off with a hard sponge and some cleaning liquid to remove all of the grit and grime from the front of the fridge.

Next, Kate used a roller to help apply the primer evenly to the fridge, which she warned: "Might not be safe for the lungs.".


Then she rollered on chalkboard paint, which would only set you back £5.00 online.

"This actually stinks, my housemates are going to be so mad I painted this inside, what was I thinking?" she queried.

"What if I get paint on the floors or wall? Haha, bye bond payment, oh well who cares."

Then Kate used a paintbrush to get into the tiny crevices of the fridge. While she was doing a good job at applying the paint, the fumes started to get to her.

"That makes my brain tingle in a good way or maybe that's the paint fumes, who knows," she said.

Viewers flocked to the comments to praise Kate's ingenious idea.

"If someone ate my popcorn I'd paint my fridge so I could leave passive aggressive messages too," one person commented.

"This is gold," said another.

A third person added: "That's the best idea ever."

The clever idea has since backfired on Kate, as her housemates now use the fridge to leave her passive aggressive messages and even play noughts and crosses.

"Hey Kate, don't worry, I've taken in the bins again," one person wrote.

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