Woman stuns with her glow-up which is so good people are doubting it’s the same person

THERE’S no denying that losing weight can make the world a difference to your looks, and this influencer knows it. 

Infact, her glow-up had her lose so much weight, people are doubting it’s the same person. 

The woman, who goes by the name of Kiki_Ldn_ on TikTok, has shared a ‘photodump’ of pictures revealing the difference two years can make. 

It appears on her TikTok she began the weight loss transformation in December 2019.

She the TikTok star then stuns her followers by sharing dramatic weight loss pictures through the year until now. 

In one video she commented making it clear that she was losing the weight for any guy. 

She wrote: “I didn’t lose weight because of a guy. I simply done this trend to show off my weightloss transformation.

“I was confident then and I am now.”

But because her glow-up was so good, people couldn’t believe she was the same person. 

One wrote: “Is this you?” 

However, others thought she looked beautiful. 

'I didn’t lose weight because of a guy. I was confident then and I am now'

“You were beautiful and still beautiful,” one expressed. 

And another wrote: “You were so gorgeous anyway! But you look beautiful now and happy with yourself well done.” 

Another even said: “Omg you made me emotional.” 

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