Woman sick of ‘wasted’ space under the stairs gets her husband to build secret cupboard & you’d never know it was there – The Sun

A DIY-loving couple looking for extra storage space in their home decided to utilise the hidden room under their stairs, adding a nifty hinged cupboard right beneath their feet.

While some people choose to make the most of under-the-stairs storage with a cupboard on the ground floor, the creative couple chose to do something different, creating a nifty hidden cupboard.

Sharing photos of the project to the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, Helen Barnshaw wrote: "So much hidden space under the stairs, that was otherwise wasted until my husband made some extra storage space."

The post went down a storm online gaining over 3,400 likes and 750 comments.

Speaking to Fabulous, Helen explained: "We got fed up with lots of shoes everywhere, especially at the bottom of the stairs, so started to google shoe storage ideas and I saw the idea on the internet.

"I originally looked into a company doing it for me, but my husband is so good at DIY, he was able to do it.

"We were quoted £230 originally, but my husband did it for just under £60."

Helen and her hubby couldn't fit any more under stairs storage because there was already an inbuilt toilet on the ground floor.

There's now plenty of space for the family's shoe and bag collection.

The couple initially looked into getting a professional in to build the cupboard – but later decided to DIY itCredit: Facebook
"We’ve got six canvas boxes that have a varied selection of shoes in them, such as trainers, boots, flip flops. Winter foot wear towards the back of the space."We have football/kick boxing/work bags under there, as well as some of my hand bags."We have a small fold up table under there. We still have masses of space left."You could easily fit hoovers, ironing boards, mops, etc under there, but I have space for them."

The couple were initially quoted £230 but did the job themselves for £60Credit: Facebook

Other DIY fans have flocked to the post to congratulate the savvy couple on their clever storage hack.

Many said an under-the-stairs storage was the perfect place to hide their online shopping deliveries.

One woman said: "Ohhh now this would be handy, open the front door and hide the Amazon parcel, return to a room and when asked who was at the door reply, 'one of those gas and electric people that try to switch you' no evidence of parcel thanks to Narnia stairs."

Another added: "I need to do this without my partner knowing!! Would be the easiest way to hide my spending habits."

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