Woman shares joy at boyfriend proposing – but cruel trolls slam her diamond ring for being so ‘small’ it ‘can’t be seen’

A WOMAN shared her joy at her boyfriend finally popping the question online – only for cruel trolls to slam her diamond ring for being “small”.

The engaged woman showed off the sparkler on Facebook, and people didn’t hold back with their comments. 

The woman wrote: “My fiancé FINALLY proposed and I’m in love with it!”

The photo was shared on a ring shaming group, and the bride-to-be said she could “handle” any mean comments. 

And social media users certainly went to town, with over 1,500 people giving their views. 

One person wrote: “Your ring looks like a piece of floss with a knot in it.”

Another added: “Girl where.”

And a third commented: “Congrats on the engagement. Did he get you a ring? I don’t see one on your finger.”

However, one person defended the ring, saying: “I dont believe size of rock equals love, and totally understand marriage on a budget.”

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