Woman shares easy way she gets even eyeliner – but gets absolutely slammed for ‘dangerous’ technique

WITH over one billion active users each month, TikTok has become the go-to for many when searching for inspiration and different hacks, especially ones that could save you some time.

From using a spoon to achieve the perfect cut-crease to squeezing your nose for a sharp contour, this social media giant definitely is home to some of the weirdest make-up tricks.

The TikToker, @meena.beauty, is famous for her extravagant eye make-up looks and she is always on the lookout for easier ways of applying eyeliner.

We all know the struggle of achieving an even eyeliner – it's either wobbly, too thick or the lines don't match on each eye; you're left looking like you did your eyeliner with your left foot.

This make-up artist discovered a savvy way to make the process a little easier – but it's left the viewers divided.


The hack in question involves using…

A fork.

In the video, the beauty guru places the sharp kitchen utensil on her eyelid and uses the straight space as her guide.

While it's definitely a time-saving method – it took her less than 30 seconds – some people were not too convinced by the innovative idea.

''That's a good way of getting food poisoning,'' one wrote.

Others were concerned of the safety: ''Be careful…You could open your eye and poke yourself…''

Although there were a couple of those who thought it was ''cute'' and said they'd try it, the overall sentiment could be summed up by this reaction: ''Naa, I'll skip it.''

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