Woman shares easy 'cake hack' to decorate in seconds but gets instantly shamed for making the 'ugliest' people have seen | The Sun

A WOMAN has been savagely slammed after sharing her "easy" cake decorating hack.

While some people spend hours on end trying to ensure their cake is decorated to perfection, others want quick and simple ways to get theirs party ready.

And that's what they hoped the woman was sharing in a video on her TikTok page, as she promised: "This cake trick is like nothing we've seen before!"

"This is just a super quick and easy little cake trick that I learned and if you have a short on time, this is a saver," she added in the video.

She began by putting a piece of kitchen towel on top of the sheet cake, before getting her food colouring ready.

She then started to add spots of colour on top of the kitchen towel, adding that it's even better if the colour mixes together.

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Once she'd saturated the kitchen towel with as many colours as she wanted, she took some room temperature water in a spray bottle and liberally sprayed the tissue.

"I know this looks a little weird right now but the design that's gonna come from this is gonna be absolutely beautiful," she promised.

She gently pressed the paper towel, before adding even more water in areas that needed it.

"You can see it's already kind of making that really cool design but underneath is where all the magic is happening," she said.

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Once she was happy that the paper towel was saturated enough, she slowly began to peel it off.

"Look at how beautiful that design is under there and all those colours melted into each other," she gushed.

"I think that turned out beautifully.

"It only took us a couple of minutes to do so can't complain about that.

"Just add a little candle or a cake topper that says happy birthday and you're good to go!"

But the majority of people watching were unimpressed by the results – which ended up with patches of colour and the imprint design on the paper towel.

"That is the ugliest f**king cake decoration I have ever seen," one raged.

"Everybody so creative!" another said.

"I can’t believe I wasted my time watching this," a third sighed.

"I will no longer be trusting the process," someone else commented.

"If someone gave me that I'd cry!" another admitted.

"The cake looked so nice, now it looks poisonous!" someone else said.

"Welcome to the wtf is going on kitchen," another joked.

"Why am I so gullible for believing this might work?" someone else wondered.

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As another commented: "Trusting the process only for the process not to proceed."

"Maybe I don’t understand cake art?" someone else wondered.

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