Woman shares bonkers fake tan hack using hot chocolate… and she reckons it makes legs smell just like cocoa butter – The Sun

WITH thousands of summer holidays cancelled this summer, Brits have been looking for an alternative way to get their summer glow.

Now, a crazy hack on TikTok has gone viral after the woman behind the video recommended people use hot chocolate powder as fake tan.

In the video clip, which has amassed 57,900 likes, the TikTok user applied a mixture of E45 moisturiser and Cadburys hot chocolate powder to her legs, while wearing protective rubber gloves.

She claims the hack leaves her smelling "just like coco butter."

Though hundreds of thousands of people have liked and shared the TikTok clip, many have expressed distaste for the idea of smearing chocolate all over their bodies.

One person fumed: "I am NOT rubbing hot choc on my skin."

And another said: "Don't fancy having sticky hot choc all over my skin, thanks."

Some viewers have poked fun at the unusual hack, sharing a laugh over the idea of using a sweet treat as fake tan.

One person commented: "Instructions unclear, ants are all over my body."

However, not everyone thought the idea was ludicrous. Some people made their own suggestions on how to make the idea work.

"That one has sugar in it," one person said. "Just use raw cacao."

Another suggestion shared was to use bronzer in place of hot chocolate.

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