Woman only wears vintage clothes and uses beauty routines from 1940s

When it comes to fashion, vintage clothing is adored. 

That’s because clothes are not just material to cover the body, they directly mirror a moment in time. 

A dress or a coat can instantly epitomise a decade, blending style and history seamlessly.

If you’re a fan of both, then you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to interests. Some enthusiasts even dedicate themselves to a period by imitating the looks of the time. 

One such woman, who says history is her number one passion in life, has been taking fashion tips and practising beauty routines that are over 100 years old. 

Jude Kershaw, 21, is a historical impersonator from Leeds and has been in love with vintage fashion since she was only 13.

Her family has always supported her sartorial choices, although sometimes they did question where her fondness for days gone by came from.

One of her favourite eras is the 1940s, and she first began exploring the look in her late teens. She now practises popular fashion and beauty routines from the period on a daily basis. 

Using her love of history, Jude also makes weekly trips into the Leeds city centre to stand on a bench and recite Suffragette speeches to the crowds while wearing an outfit from the 1920s.

‘History has always been my thing,’ Jude explained. 

‘I’ve always used tips that I’ve learnt through studying different eras such as cleaning tricks from the Victorian times and beauty hacks from the 1940s.

‘It’s a very high maintenance lifestyle as everything has to be carefully planned from my vintage and authentic outfits and my hair needing to be prepped days before it’s needed in a certain style.’

With the increasing popularity of vintage clothing among the masses, seeking out suitable items is becoming more difficult. 

‘Sourcing the authentic garments has become increasingly hard,’ Jude added. 

‘There is so much more competition. You’re still able to get some steals but it varies as I have items for 50p as well as items for £200.’

Despite it being a high-maintenance hobby, though, Jude loves it and is always searching for ways to expand her wardrobe within her budget. 

‘Presently I’d say I spend no more than £30 a month on my own wardrobe,’ she noted. ‘However, I will save up for investment pieces, for example a stunning dress for £150.’

Many of her pieces were bought for the education work she does, which includes sessions at schools and youth clubs. Standout picks include a WWII apron and a Viking dress.

And while the 1940s has a special place in the 21-year-old’s heart, she’s not afraid of experimenting with fashion that spans eras.

‘I’m always looking for new possibilities in my wardrobe, which could involve re-working items or pairing them with something else,’ added Jude.

‘I’ve recently been putting together some 1950s and 1960s outfits.’

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