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HAVE you ever heard of the famous question – why did the prisoner choose the bread instead of the key? 

Thanks to a memorable image of a male prisoner behind bars, the question has been asked for years.

That’s because he can be seen in jail, but in front of him are two different options that he has to choose from – a loaf of bread or a key to his escape.

In the picture, he is only able to choose one of the items, seemingly having to decide between staying in prison if he opts for the food, or being hungry if he decides to break free. 

But the prisoner does make a choice and the image depicts him leaning through the bars with a stick in an attempt to reach the bread. 

And according to one social media user, who was recently reminded of the picture, you’re a philosopher if you can answer the predicament. 

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And the beauty of the brain teaser is that there’s more than one right response, as it’s all down to individual interpretation. 

After Twitter user Hon. Rahma Guliye shared the picture, many put forward the view that the prisoner has opted for the bread as he needs to get his energy up if he ever wants to leave for the outside world.

One social media fan said: “Because he needs strength to open the gate.

“He is hungry and all he could think of was food.”

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A second was in agreement as they typed: “He needs energy and strength more than he needs anything else.

“He may get the ability of standing to open the door.”

While another added: “You cannot escape without energy.”

Other people also pointed out one tiny detail in the image that could point to a different reason.

A Twitter user explained: “The legs are tied, they can’t escape.”

Another also spotted that the prisoner’s legs were tied together with rope, as they wrote: “He can’t escape since his legs are tied. 

“Therefore, the key is not his first priority, so he chose the bread.”

And lots of other budding philosophers said that perhaps he is on the outside of the cell, rather than the inside.

Meanwhile, others suggested that it symbolises something much deeper.

One Twitter user wrote: “Life is more important than freedom.”

Another chimed into the philosophical debate, as they wrote: “Fear.

“He is afraid of facing the risk & uncertainties of escaping prison and gets comfortable with the bare minimum.”

A third person also voiced their opinion as they said it’s a metaphor for the world.

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They maintained: “Because he knows that the cell is sometimes better than being out there.”

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