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CALLING all McDonald’s lovers – it turns out that your order says a lot about you and your personality.

So whether you’re a fan of a Big Mac or chicken nuggets, you’ve come to the right place.

We spoke to Jo Hemmings, a behavioural and media psychologist, who’s also a fan of a ‘Maccy D’ herself, to understand more about what our favourite fast food orders really reveal about us.

And if you’re a fan of a triple cheeseburger, prepare to be attacked… 

Big Mac

According to Jo, if you’re a regular order of a Big Mac Meal, you’re a traditionalist and someone who can be dogmatic. 

Jo told Fabulous: “You’re a traditionalist. It’s what Maccy D’s is all about to you. 

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“There might as well not be a menu as you know what you’re going to have on each and every visit. 

“You are a loyal friend but not afraid to share your opinions even though you resist altering those opinions to keep up with changing times. 

“You can be a bit dogmatic, but you can also laugh at yourself.”

Chicken selects

If you’d rather get a chicken select meal, according to this psychologist, you’re someone who’s easy-going and likes the finer things in life. 

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If you always get Selects, you're someone that's ambitious

Jo explained: “You’re probably not really a fast-food fan and given a choice you’d prefer to eat your meal with a knife and fork. 

“But you’re easy-going and happy to fall in with the crowd. 

“You are also ambitious and prefer a more sophisticated life – you like the fact that these chicken strips are called ‘select’, it makes them feel more classy.”

Chicken nuggets

But if chicken nuggets are more your thing, Jo is convinced you’re the life and soul of the party.

She revealed: “You’re the party animal. Given half a chance your inner child takes over, because you remember those nuggets from childhood and you’re not giving up on that simple pleasure. 

“You may lack a little spontaneity and prefer to know what you’re doing on a night out. 

“You’re positive and an optimist and always there for your mates.” 


If you’re a fan of the new burger – the McSpicy – Jo thinKs that you’re a people pleaser and a dreamer. 

She claimed: “You’d rather have a curry at the end of a night, but being a people pleaser, you’ll go along with any choice provided it’s got spice and heat. 

“You’re passionate and excitable – life around you is rarely boring. 

“You like to travel somewhere exotic – or at least imagine it, you may be a bit of a dreamer.”

Quarter Pounder

But if the good old Quarter Pounder is your favourite, Jo claimed that you’re someone that won’t often splash the cash. 

Jo added: “You like getting value for money. You might be generous when you’ve got some money – but you are not a huge spender. 

“You’re not showy, but you’re not a push over either. 

“You like to organise and have a bit of a plan, but you will be pretty good at making sure everyone has a good time.”

Triple cheeseburger

For triple cheeseburger fans, Jo explained that you’re typically someone with a lot of energy, but you can sometimes be a bit dramatic. 

She revealed: “You’re someone that’s probably on the go a lot of the time – you work hard and play hard and don’t give into fatigue. 

“You’d rather have a big energy packed burger, that will enable you to keep going without flagging. 

“You can be a bit excitable and occasionally over-dramatise life, but people love you for it.” 


If you’d rather stick with a plain hamburger and avoid all the fuss and frills, Jo claimed that you’re someone who is willing to go along with the crowd. 

She wrote: “C’mon, it’s a dull choice. There are other places you’d rather eat, but if you have to go along with the crowd, you make it clear that it wouldn’t be your fast food of choice. 

“You are a gentle soul that doesn’t like to make a fuss, but maybe speaking up a little more on occasion would make you feel good.” 


For those that opt for a filet-o-fish, Jo described you as someone likely to be “picky”. 

She explained: “You’re probably a bit picky about what you eat and not be a fan of chicken or meat. 

“You want to be seen to have a healthy option, but you can’t bring yourself to choose a salad. 

“You’re not afraid to speak your mind and may secretly love a fry up (veggie or not) but you’d prefer not to be seen eating it!” 


If burgers aren’t your thing and you’d rather opt for a wrap, Jo claimed that you’re someone who can be guarded and vulnerable. 

Jo added: “No thick bread buns for you, you’re all about the contents. 

“You’re like that in real life too – a little bit guarded about someone, until you get to know them and can trust them. 

“You can be vulnerable at times, but you’re a kind and supportive friend and get the same support back in return. 

“Sometimes you need to be reminded that it’s OK to let your hair down a little more.” 

Happy Meal

If you’re older than a teenager, and are still ordering a Happy Meal, Jo has set the record straight.

She penned: “A bit like your chicken nuggets pal, your inner child doesn’t just appear from time to time, it literally shouts out loud. 

“You’re always positive and see the bright side of life. 

“You are spontaneous, nothing is too pre-planned and your sense of fun is infectious.  Why shouldn’t you have a toy with your meal?” 


Finally, if you’re McDonald’s order is a McPlant, according to Jo, you are someone who is ahead of the curve and likes to have fun.

She concluded: “You like to be ahead of the curve in your eating habits and your care for the environment, but you don’t force your views on others. You are respectful and quiet about your own. 

“You like to get on with life and don’t like obstacles in your way. 

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“You’re calm and methodical but also know how to have fun.” 

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