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IF YOU want to spice up your sex life, look no further – the Helicopter sex position is just the right amount of adventurous and pleasuring.

Brave couples love the sex position, but you might want to hit the gym beforehand because you'll need a lot of core strength to pull this one off.

What is the helicopter sex position?

This sex position gets it's name because it kind of looks like a helicopter.

This challenging position shouldn't be taken lightly though, it requires a lot of flexibility, not to mention stamina.

How do you perform the helicopter sex position?


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If you want to give the position a whirl, start by getting on all fours and lowering your head, making sure to stick your bum upwards.

Once you're comfortable, your partner then needs to come from the opposite angle with their head facing away from you as they get into a plank position, inserting the penis or strap on into you as they lower their hips toward you.

Tatyana Dyachenko, sex therapist at Peaches and Screams, explained the position to Cosmopolitan.

She says: “The partner that is going to be penetrated needs to get on their hands and knees like you would in the doggy style position. 

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“The penetrating partner then gets on their hands and knees then lift their legs over the partner's back and inserts their penis or dildo into their partner. 

“The partner on top will be in a high plank position supporting themselves either with their hand or elbows.”

In order to thrust the penetrating partner will need to perform mini push-ups, so Tatyana suggests trying the position lying down to keep it everything steady but still fun.

So there you have it – suddenly those push-ups all seem worth it!

Is the helicopter sex position safe?

If you don't have the required core strength and flexibility for this then it may be best to avoid this position right now.

For those who do try this, you may also want to have a fair amount of lube available for use.

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