We saved a fortune on bunk beds for the kids, now they have loads more space thanks to B&M & The Range bargains

AS parents you always want to give your children the world, but sometimes it can come at a price. 

So it is great to know there are hacks out there which can save you a fortune  – and that means you can give the kids what they wish for. 

And parents Yazmin Dunn and Phil Southam know exactly how this feels. 

The parents, who have four children,  wanted to give their twins a stunning new room but needed to have a think about making the most out of a small room, all while keeping the cost down. 

Yazmin, 31, a photographer, and her partner Phil, 36, a painter and decorator, came up with the idea of making two loft beds, giving their daughters plenty of room to do homework and play underneath their beds.

The couple, from Exeter built the beds themselves, and totally transformed the room. 


Yazmin told LatestDeals.co.uk: “Our two 11-year-old girls are starting high school next year and since the beginning of this year they've begged and begged us to redo their room.

“They say they want it more grown-up now as before it was very pink and flowery.

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"We briefly spoke about this with them and they said they wanted a loft bed design because their room isn't very big so this way it gives them more floor space and they said they wanted a boho grey room.

"Our girls went away for three days visiting family and we don't often get much time away from them so we took this chance to completely transform their room as a surprise for Christmas.”

Yazmin and Phil worked every day from morning till midnight to make it work., after planning a good few months prior to this. 

She says: “We would sit down and I would draw out the design and he would go over it letting me know what would and wouldn't work.

"He [Phil] built it all from scratch out of MDF and we adjusted the design as he was building it too because we realised some things wouldn't work and it obviously needed to be supported correctly too for safety.

"The bed and all of the cabinets and wardrobes are all made out of MDF and solid wood for the supports. We then added edging to make it all look properly finished.

'Now that it's finished we love it'

“We filled it all, sanded it all down and painted it in diamond satin colours requested by our girls.

"It was a rough few days and we pretty much lived off of takeaways and energy drinks and we are both aching like we've been to the gym. 

"Now that it's finished we love it.”

The entire transformation cost them £1,500, a huge saving, as they estimate professional builders would have charged them double that.

She says: “It was definitely worth the few hard days of work. It's made their smallish room look bigger, and it's something they can grow with as they get older and a space they can relax and be proud of if they have their friends over.

"If we’d bought one new I think it would have cost at least double what we paid.

"Some tips I'd give anyone wanting to create something like this is to definitely give yourself longer than three days.

“Ideally, we would have liked a week to complete it all because there are certain parts we had to rush, but we, unfortunately, didn't have this much time.

"I'd also recommend making sure you have a big enough space to work in. My partner had to cut and shape all of the wood in their small room and it was a bit of a disaster – there was sawdust all over the house!

"I'd also recommend taking enough time to design all of the aspects and be open-minded if you need to change parts of the design.

“We realised two or three parts of the design wouldn't work halfway through building it so we had to get creative on different ways to make everything fit, but still look good too.

"The bed materials itself cost about a grand from B&Q, Brewers, and Tool Station.

“The furnishings – including a new £160 carpet – cost around £500.

"I got most of the furnishings from Amazon, Shein, B&M and The Range.”

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