Waitress claims discount piercings 'were absorbed inside her boob' and left blood 'squirting from her neck'

Taila Miller got her nipple, chest and neck pierced in a Black Friday deal.

Doctors reportedly told the 20-year-old she was at serious risk of sepsis and may never be able to breastfeed as a result of the piercings.

Taila claims the piercing in her neck began “squirting blood”, which the body piercer at Capelli Remi in Preston, Lancs, simply covered in a plaster.

Despite regularly cleaning the piercings with salt water and changing the “blood and pus-filled plasters”, a week later Taila was in agony.

Taila then realised the entire neck piercing had become lost under the skin and one end of her nipple bar had become trapped inside her scabbed over breast.

Rushing to A&E, Taila was left screaming in pain as doctors tried but failed to remove the piercings.

She was referred to plastic surgery and kept in hospital overnight.

The piercings were eventually removed under local anaesthetic, but Taila has been left with scars where the piercings were.

Taila, who lives in Preston, Lancs, said: “I will never get a piercing again. It's put me off it for life. I'm not going through that again.

“No one told me any of the risks. People have said my body is rejecting them.

“But I've got another nipple piercing I've had done for three years and I've had no problems with it so far.

“I'm not blaming anyone, and I'm not trying to point fingers.  All I want to do is raise awareness because you hear about these stories and think it's not going to happen to me but it does.

“I just wanted to make sure people know to be careful.

Taila said her freshly pierced nipple had turned “crispy” before the jewellery was removed and her neck had become so swollen the piercing couldn’t be seen.

“For the neck piercing to fall under my skin as well – it's just mad. You don't know where that could have gone if it was left,” she said.

“I could feel it as well. It was weird. It was like when I'd laugh or talk I could feel the metal.

“If I touched my chest I could feel it. It was just horrible, absolutely horrible.”

Taila had planned to get her second nipple piercing but was then tempted to get two dermal piercings by the Black Friday offer – offering a 50 per cent discount on the usual price of £50.

She claims she signed a waiver stating that once she left the shop they were no longer responsible for her piercings.

Aside from being advised to keep the plasters on for just 24 hours after the piercing on November 24, Taila claims she received no other advice on aftercare.

However Capelli Remi said that Taila should have been handed an aftercare sheet and that these instructions are also available on their website.

Despite loving her new piercings at first, poor Taila quickly developed an itch around the sites and by the following Monday all three were producing pus.

Taila would clean them with salt water each time and cover them with plasters for work, but had to excuse herself to the toilet to change the dressings when they would fill with pus.

It was then that she noticed the diamond neck piercing had disappeared – and could feel it completely submerged under her skin.

“When I got my neck piercing my mate said the blood was pumping out of me and squirting everywhere,” she said.

“I didn't know because I was just lying there and he kept pressing down with his tissue on the blood. He covered it up and said it was all fine.

“The blood was just pouring down me and I thought obviously it's because of the piercing of my neck, but he didn't say anything about the bleeding. He didn't tell me.

“With my job you've got to be on the ball. I'm running food, I'm serving, I'm doing late nights.

“I didn't want to let my team down because it's December and nearly Christmas and they're all working so hard.

“I put a plaster over it and kept feeling it to feel it was alright. The pus filled the plaster so I went to the toilet to change it and the piercing had disappeared.”

Doctors were forced to cut open Taila's neck to remove the lost piercing, but weren’t able to sew it up in case it trapped any infection.

Taila now worries that she will be left with a hole on her neck and scars on her nipple from the other removed piercings.

“They've taken everything out now. They had a thing like a tin opener and they were putting it on top of the diamond and ripping it off in A&E and I was screaming,” she recalled.

“I was begging for gas and air and saying 'you can't just rip these out'. A plastic surgeon eventually did it under local anaesthetic.

“They had to do it in three places. The nipple one they just yanked out. The one in my chest they yanked out, but the one on my neck they had to cut me open for.

“I will be left with scarring on the side of my nipple and a scar on my neck. I'm a bit bruised all around my neck as well.

“I'm not telling people to not get piercings, but I want to make people wary and know the risks.

“I never got told the risks and I was in hospital. It's so extreme.”

A spokesperson for Capelli Remi said: “At Capelli Remi we work really hard to ensure all our customers have the best possible experience and get the best service, and our Black Friday event takes a lot of time, planning and effort.

“Out of the hundreds of people that were pierced across all three of our stores that day, Ms Millar is the only one who claims to have a problem.

“Ms Millar had every opportunity to contact us regarding her piercing. She can come in store, email, message via Facebook or Instagram, but she chose not to.”


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