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A VET has issued an urgent warning to dog owners over little-known signs of serious injury and when you should take them for surgery.

Dr Hunter Finn took to TikTok to reveal the small sign that could mean your pooch needs an emergency spinal cord assessment.

The dog expert, from Texas, began his seven second clip by writing: "So my dog has not been jumping on and off the couch lately".

He then switches into his medical scrubs and plays the role of a vet in the pretend conversation.

"Does he seem painful at all?," he asked.

Dr Finn throwed on a blue hoodie and took up the character of a pet owner while responding: "No but he walks like he's drunk".


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Switching back to playing the vet in the roleplay scenario, he made a serious expression as he urged the pooch parent to "get that dog to the vet right now".

The pet expert captioned the video: "Many things can cause this but you want to get a full assessment of your dogs spinal cord from a vet ASAP".

The post quickly racked up over 900 likes from dog lovers, while some shared their own experiences with the terrifying sign.

One wrote: "Ours ended up being Wobblers Syndrome with our Mastiff," teamed with a sad emoji.

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Another said: "Mine was 5 and it was terminal brain cancer".

A third commented: "My daughters German Shepherd has had this several times over the past 4 years. Went to the vet the first time but they couldn't find anything".

A fourth added: "8 weeks crate rest, 2 weeks bladder expression. Not fun".

One more chimed in: "My sweet Addie girl, but now she gets carried everywhere as a princess should".

Dr Hunter Finn is known by his 2.2million followers for posting animal care advice, warning signs for pet owners to look out for and vet storytimes.

His TikTok page has amassed over 50.3million likes overall.

This comes after vets issued an urgent warning to dog owners over another little-known sign that could reveal if their pet is in serious pain.

Antisocial or aggressive behaviour could be a tell-tale sign that your pup is in pain, as well as hiding away or being unusually sleepy

A veterinarian also raised the alarm about five foods you should never give your pet as some could be lethal.

Raisins, onions and garlic were just a few of the examples the vet gave and even revealed that dried grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs.

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