Uzo Aduba on How She Stays Centered: From Taylor Swift’s Cozy Cardigan to Lots of Real Housewives

Uzo Aduba has figured out a few ways to help her feel collected and stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Boston native and star of the upcoming HBO reboot In Treatment has been hunkered down in Brooklyn with her dog Fenway for the last few months.

The two kick off every day together with a long walk in the park. “It’s when I relax and figure things out,” says Aduba, who adds that the two love to bird watch.

Her morning then segues into another “meditative” moment: shower time. “I like it hot like a steam room, and I’ll blast music – whatever I’m in the mood for that day.”

From there the star jumps into “Zoom-land” but during an occasional break, she indulges in a Real Housewives episode or two. “There was a time when I was embarrassed about it, but I watch all of them,” she admits.

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Another indulgence? A good meal. Aduba is constantly whipping up food in her Brooklyn kitchen, using recipes she learned from her family growing up.

“[They] are excellent at cooking and brought so many different flavors and cuisines into our home. Whether you were little or grown up, everybody participated in prepping or cooking or cleaning up.”

At night, Aduba uses that time to multitask, and calls a friend or family member to catch up. “I’ll text some, but I’m more of a phone person, she says.”

These days as she spends most of her time at home, there’s one piece of clothing she loves to keep cozy: a cardigan pal Taylor Swift gifted her from the singer’s Folklore collection.

After a long day of working from home, Aduba says it’s not uncommon to find her falling asleep on the couch.

And though 2020 has “been tough” Aduba is grateful.

“I'm not taking for granted the overwhelming good and blessings that still somehow manages to exist in this time,” she says.

“It's really easy and forgivable to focus on the most difficult thing, the hardest thing, the most atrocious thing, and we should give those things the space that they deserve, but, what gives me the energy and the motivation and the spark to get up every day is recognizing that there is still good in the world.”

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