Tricky emoji quiz tasks you with guessing the 14 chocolate bars – so how many can YOU get right?

THINK you are clued up on the nation’s favourite chocolate bars?

Now you can put your foodie knowledge to the test with a fiendishly tricky emoji quiz.

See if you can correctly label all 14 chocolate bars by deciphering the symbols listed. 

The Easter themed brainteaser has been created by money saving app Student Beans – and it harder than it looks.

Most people can only get 10 right…can you reveal all 14?

Scroll down for the answers to see how many you got right…


1. Milky Bar

2. Curly Wurly

3. Aero

4. Crème Egg

5. Malteasers

6. Galaxy

7. Fruit and Nut

8. Double Decker

9. Yorkie

10. Smarties

11. Chocolate Orange

12. Star Bar

13. Caramac

14. Kit Kat

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