These Were the Best and Worst Dressed Celebs at the 2019 Golden Globes

Most Definitely Not a Harness: Timothée Chalamet in Louis Vuitton

Twitter loudly wondered whether Timothée Chalamet had arrived at the Globes by pulling someone’s carriage, or parachuting, or any number of things a person might do in a harness. So the folks at Louis Vuitton officially clarified that he is, in fact, wearing an “embroidered bib.” We’re not sure that brings much clarity to the question of why he’d wear such a thing, but it means we can put away our jokes about whether he broke into Christian Grey’s Red Room. (Don’t worry, those will keep.)

Most Definitely a Badass Cape: Billy Porter in Randi Rahm

Now THAT is how you make an entrance, especially when you’re on a show called Pose. This ensemble took six months to make, and it was worth every single one of them.

Best Living Human, Quite Possibly: Thandie Newton in Michael Kors

Seriously, what can we even say anymore? There is no flaw in this person. She can wear anything. Thandie, listen, if you’d like to test that theory and hit up the rest of the season’s ceremonies in something batshit, please do—we live for that stuff. But we’re pretty sure you’d pull it off as coolly as you do this.

Most Jaw-Dropping: Regina King in Custom Alberta Ferretti

This is the apex of perfection. It’s also excellent news is that she won wearing this—which means, thanks to the victory pics, it’s going to live on for a very long time (beyond just inside our hearts).

Biggest Stretch: Sofia Carson in Giambattista Valli

We applaud Sofia Carson, an up-and-comer who’s fronting the Pretty Little Liars spinoff The Perfectionists, for reaching big on such a huge night. But this dress might’ve eluded her confident grasp just a bit. There’s a gorgeous idea here, although it has about five flourishes too many. We do love her hair, though.

Most Sadly Dismal: Kiki Layne in Christian Dior

To be clear, there is nothing dismal about Kiki Layne. She is a dream. But the number of people who theoretically had to sign off on this dishwater Dior is probably pretty long, and that is mind-boggling. Luckily, she’s got a lot of red carpets ahead of her, and there’s nowhere to go but up.

Most Undecided: Julia Roberts in Stella McCartney

Much as this can’t decide if it wants to be a dress or pants, we can’t totally settle on whether we like it. On one hand, the cut is unerring, and it’s the most successful unusual outfit Julia Roberts has worn in a while. But we’re worried the barrage of beige ends up washing Julia out, which—when you’re a Major Movie Star like she is—should be really hard to do.

Best Hat: Janelle Monáe in Chanel

We did actually assume she would have some competition in this category, but then Amy Sherman-Palladino went and left her signature topper at home. Still, we love the chutzpah of showing up in a gold lamé lid, and the fact that everything below it is exactly what we have come to rely on from Janelle Monáe: wholly original, hard to parse in simple sentences, and beyond regally deployed.

Best Entire Night: Sandra Oh (Here in Versace)

Yes, this is a bit of a cheat, because Sandra Oh didn’t wear this on the red carpet. But of the array of looks she wore as Golden Globes host—did you see her killer gold sleeves when she won her award?!—this is the arguably the best. It’s beautiful, tailored to perfection, and meant we had something fantastic to marinate in whenever the opening patter with Andy Samberg veered south.

Most Favourite: Olivia Colman in Stella McCartney

Emma Stone’s gentle pink Louis Vuitton was good, but all hail the Queen: Olivia Colman’s sparkles and cape and rich red lip captivated us—and when she stood between her co-stars onstage, she was the focus of it all.

Most Betrayed by Accessories: Nicole Kidman in Michael Kors Collection

Nicole Kidman looks FANTASTIC in this wine-hued, sequined number—sexy, sophisticated, self-assured. It’s a shame that someone on her team decided to undercut the overall effect by plonking a twee black velvet bow on the back of her head. No one looks at a slinky formal gown and thinks, “You know who this reminds me of? PRINCESS CHARLOTTE.”

Best Use of Ruffles: Lili Reinhart in Khyeli Couture

This is big, bold, and brave—an unusual choice for a woman who might have been tempted to show up at this event dressed more like a stereotypical CW ingénue. She pulls it off with élan.

Most Gigantic for the Sake of Being Gigantic: Lady Gaga in Valentino

It’s emblematic of Gaga’s extremely crazy, meat-dress-checked sartorial past that we almost considered this understated. The woman has blue hair, and the train of her dress would fill a compact car to the brim; her sleeves are larger than two Christmas hams. It’s only understated in a vacuum. But strip away the extraneous volume, and it’s basically not much more than a bridesmaid’s dress, and we hoped for more.

Most Glorious Accessory: Michelle Yeoh

Formal leather is a tall order, and Michelle Yeoh carries it admirably. But the real star of the show is, once again, the exceptional emerald ring from her personal collection that she loaned to Crazy Rich Asians and wore again tonight. It’s only fair—the piece is as much a part of the cast as any human being was and has earned its own seat at the table.

Most Pleasant Surprise: Anne Hathaway in Elie Saab

Anne Hathaway started working with stylist Law Roach last year—you may know him from his tenure with Zendaya and Céline Dion—and he has worked magic on her wardrobe. This is sassy and sexy, a world of personality.

Most Delightfully Twinkly: Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein

This spangled blue number makes Lupita Nyong’o look like she’s dancing even when she’s standing still. And when she does move? Magic.

Most Disappointing Bra: Alison Brie in Custom Vera Wang

Random bejeweled bras have their place in the world, but atop a Disney princess dress is not one of them.

Most Effective Use of…Shorts?! Gemma Chan in Valentino

Listen, this should not be good. It’s secret shorts. This is a high degree of difficulty, because it seems unnecessary with that great, complex train. So it’s a testament to Gemma Chan’s inherent chicness that she’s working it. Or are we just blinded by the great red lip? Either way: Carry on.

Most on Brand, Except Not Literally: Penélope Cruz in Ralph & Russo

This dress’ shape is similar to everything that Penélope Cruz has ever worn on a major awards show red carpet; she loves a big skirt/bare shoulders pairing. But given that she went into business with Chanel as a brand ambassador back in July, color us surprised that this isn’t the work of Karl Lagerfeld. This dress is good, sure, but we’re not sure it’s worth a tongue-lashing from the Kaiser.

Most Interesting Genre-Busting: Judy Greer and Cody Fern

We love that Judy Greer went in a tuxedo direction, and judging by Twitter, we’re not the only ones applauding Cody Fern’s androgynous ensemble. Women have been turning to formal suits more often, and menswear has blessedly branched out from the standard-issue tux; here’s to making 2019 the year everyone keeps pushing the boundaries of what’s been taught as conventional.

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