The best looks from Brooklyn’s Afropunk festival

Every year, thousands of festival-goers gather in Brooklyn’s Commodore Park to experience Afropunk Festival. 

The two-day art, music and culture festival was birthed from the documentary, Afro-Punk: A ‘Rock and Roll N****r’ Experience, directed by James Spooner. What started as a 66-minute film capturing an overlooked subculture in the black community has since spiraled into a weekend-long celebration focusing on the beauty of punk rock, activism and disrupting the status quo.

Since it’s inception in 2005, Afropunk has served as a safe space for POC, namely black people, to congregate and freely express themselves without fear of violence, hatred or discrimination. Historically, freedom of expression in the black community has been something viewed as an act of radical resistance. For some, that defiance is showcased through music and art — but for many others, fashion is their means of self-liberation. 

This year, the fashion at Afropunk was on full display. From Solange-inspired headpieces to bold colors and dramatic accessories, fashion lovers proved once again that the style at Afropunk is truly unrivaled.

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