Terrifying moment couple’s wedding venue sets on fire after letting off indoor fireworks during the first dance

A COUPLE were forced to watch their wedding venue go up in smoke after indoor fireworks set fire to their decorations.

The terrifying video was shared on Reddit, capturing the moment the bride and groom’s first dance started heating up, and not in a good way.

As the pair take their first dance as man and wife, the stage is lit up with indoor fireworks, shooting sparks up from the stage.

And as they do so, one rogue sparks catches the bower of dried flowers and paper streamers seeing the ceiling decoration instantly going up in flames, and quickly spreading across the venue.

Waiting staff can be seen desperately trying to douse the flames with water and fire extinguishers, but have no luck.

Terrified guests can be heard screaming as they flee the venue while the whole place fills with smoke and the enormous ceiling decoration comes crashing to the floor.

Fellow redditors were left horrified by the disastrous footage – with many questioning who thought it was a good idea to have indoor fireworks in the first place.

Commenting on the video, one wrote: “Real f***ing genius planning there.”

“Like…did they forget about all of the very flammable cloth decor above?” said another, while a third added, “I have a burning question.. what the hell were they thinking?”

Another added: “I think the wedding looked really beautiful, the decor, table setting, the way the guests were all dressed up. Too bad there was no common sense in the activity.”

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