Teen goes viral after sharing safety tips for women including always having men’s boots & when to never wear a ponytail | The Sun

A TEENAGE girl has gone viral after sharing a string of safety tips for women.

Spencer Barbosa, 18, from Ontario, Canada, regularly shares advice on her TikTok page spanning various topics – but it's her female safety series which has garnered the most attention.

While women should expect to remain safe and unbothered when out alone, the teen's tips can certainly help if trouble were to arise.

In her first safety video shared in October, Spencer said it "breaks my heart even having to make this video," but insists itcould "save women's lives."

"Seeing as most of my followers are female, I need you to be safe, and I need you to know these things," she says.

If you are going for a walk or run alone as many women do, and have every right to, Spencer advises making one simple change.

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She recommends not having your hair in a ponytail as "it's really easy to grab someone if they have a ponytail."

But if you do find yourself in a situation where someone grabs you, or you feel like you are being followed, Spencer has a tip.

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"I want you to draw as much attention to yourself as possible. Scream. Bark. Bite them. Go absolutely crazy," she advises.

In a second clip, she even advises peeing on someone and tells women to act like a "demon" and appear "possessed."

What's more, the teen says it might be a good idea to carry a mini hairspray if you do feel unsafe, and "spray the s***' out of an attacker's eyes."

If you do feel like someone is following you though, she also advises turning around to look at them.

This means you will get a good look at their face and they will see yours, which might make them back off.

The Ontario-based teen also suggested that there's more likely to be an attack in a stairwell than an elevator at night, so advises "take the elevator."

And in her most recent video, she warns:"Where there's light, there is sight.

"If you can't see what's going on around you, you should not be alone."

In some of her other clips, Spencer also warns about the potential risks of appearing home alone, and shares some tips that'll help scare off intruders.

Firstly, for women who live without men – either alone or with other females – perhaps consider picking up a pair of men's work boots.

She suggests: "If you are a girl and you live alone, or you're a group of girls that live together, go to the thrift store, buy a big, huge pair of work boots that are visibly dirty and visibly used, and leave them outside your front door."

She said this will make an intruder think there's a "big, tough man" living there, which will likely scare them off.

What's more, the teen says to stop putting your car keys by the front door as you walk in and reveals what you should do instead.

"This is not a good idea," she says. "Instead, it's a really good idea to keep your car key on your nightstand. If anything happens at night, you can grab your car key, press the panic button, and your car alarm will go off. "

Spencer also warns women not to overshare on social media.

"I see so many young girls posting their locations, telling people they're home alone. Don't!" she says.

Finally, she concludes: "If someone is attacking you, don't worry about being kind. Your elbow is very strong. Smack them very hard."

And if you are walking alone she suggests being aware of your surroundings.

"You should not be texting on your phone", she says.

Meanwhile, this woman shares key hack you can use to protect yourself from attackers – warning the common method could injure your hand.

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