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WITH their fierce work ethic and oh-so-glam style, it's no wonder so many celebs are Tauruses.

Born between April 20 and May 20, these famous faces took the bull by the horns, kept calm and carried on to live the life they'd imagined.

Grabbing the bull the horns

Earth sign Taurus is known for being smart, reliable, hardworking, dedicated, and sometimes stubborn.

Being a bull, they can be one of two paces – slow and steady, or ready to charge!

Let's take a look at how these famous Taureans brandish their bullish spirit.

1. The Queen

Strong, graceful, and occasionally stubborn, it's no surprise The Queen is a Taurus.

She will never give up on her country and her people and will always fight (harmoniously) for what's best.

With a less than favourable year, the monarch has stuck to her principles of hard work and dependability while always honouring tradition.

2. Adele

Super songstress Adele is a Taurus through and through. Strong and determined, this girl was never content to just keep chasing pavements.

The neck is also ruled by the Taurus constellation, which says it all. The lungs on her!

The Tottenham-born star's work ethic is second to none with not so much as a note being released until she is 100% happy with it.

3. Jamie Dornan

Fifty Shades of lovely Jamie Dornan comes from a stellar stable of Taurean actors such as Penelope Cruz and Cate Blanchett.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and many of this sign’s family have great bone structure coupled with super hot sensuality.

Well, if he's anything like Christian Grey, we reckon Jamie's sensuality is right up there.

4. Henry Cavill

Tudors actor Henry Cavill likes the variation his career provides.

His professionalism and determination has seen him steadily climb the acting ladder bagging him roles in DC Extended Universe, Netflix fantasy series The Witcher and Sherlock spin-off Enola Holmes.

The Jersey-born star gained international recognition in his role as Superman proving how far a strong work ethic and a dream can take a Taurus.

5. David Beckham

While known for their stubborness, Taurus is also determined, patient and likes the finer things in life, like Aries.

Judging by his 20 years of marriage to Aries Victoria, it looks like this Taurus has got just netted a great relationship that will stand the test of time.

It also helps that they both love designer clothes. Remember those matching leather trousers?

6. Princess Charlotte

Children born under the sign of Taurus loves being outdoors, and Princess Charlotte is no exception.

Whether it's pottering around in the park or a more lavish affair in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, this princess adores nature.

Her mum, Kate Middleton told Elle she loves "the simple family moments like playing outside."

7. Tommy Fury

Love Island's finest and professional boxer Tommy Fury is a typical Taurus.

Strong and determined, he was never going to let his big brother Tyson take all the glory.

Watch out for Tommy to take the sport's world by storm and he employs his hard-working nature in everything he does.

8. Gigi Hadid

You can always count on a Taurus to head up the glam squad, and style queen Gigi is known for just that.

But when she’s not killing the game with her head-turning street style, she’s embracing her Taurean love for indulgent cuisine.

Check out her insta for all her food porn posts. Yum!

9. Tess Daly

Derbyshire lass and grafter Tess Daly has been on our screens for more than 20 years.

Her strong work ethic has bagged her one of the top jobs on TV as the host of Strictly Come Dancing, where she co-hosts with Claudia Winkleman.

This down-to-earth earth sign is fast becoming a national treasure.

10. Jenna Coleman

Actress Jenna Coleman has come a long way since Emmerdale.

She likes to put her will and talents into action as can be seen in her more recent grittier dramas such as The Cry.

She's a risk-taker and will stop at nothing to fulfill her dreams.

11. Janet Jackson

Entrepreneurial and progressive, Taurus Janet Jackson will never stop reaching for the top.

At 54 years old, and the youngest of the Jackson children, her determined personality means age ain't nothin' but a number.

She has a fierce dedication to her plans and enjoys treating those closest to her.

12. Chris Brown

R&B megastar Chris Brown has his sun and moon in the sign of Taurus.

The singer is highly ambitious and committed to his work; a trait that can be easily seen in the longevity of his career.

From singing to acting and let's not forget those dance moves, this Taurean is a real triple threat.

13. Dev Patel

British actor Dev Patel made his name in the cult series Skins without any prior acting experience showing where the Taurean belief can get you.

Patel then caught the attention of director Danny Boyle, who was on the lookout for a leading man for the box office smash Slumdog Millionaire.

Now a Hollywood staple, Patel is a true example of Taurus' work ethic.

14. Robert Pattinson

With his Taurean charm and easy-on-the-eye looks, triple Taurus R.Patz is the epitome of bullish glamour.

Driven and determined, this former Twilight actor blazed his own trail, determined to march the beat of his own drum and not be typecast.

He will next be seen in Batman. Ooh, we can't wait for this!

15. Jessica Alba

It's no wonder that this business mogul eco star is a Taurus.

Amassing a huge fortune by the power of an idea and unparalleled work ethic alone, this bull is laughing all the way to the bank.

Her business The Honest Company has been valued at more than $1 billion.

16. Rami Malek

Best known for his Oscar-winning portrayal of Queen singer Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, American Taurus Rami Malek is one to look out for.

He even did some of his own singing in the film.

The son of Egyptian immigrant parents this star had a dream and wasn't afraid to keep knocking on doors until one opened.

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17. Sam Smith

Cute crooner Sam Smith is not afraid to show his huge heart when it comes to his music.

Taureans do have a sensitive side, which we think Sam embodies.

Fiercely proud of his non-binary identity, this Taurus will fight for what he believes in.

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