'Smartest penny hack’ transforms Christmas tree decorations and baubles in seconds | The Sun

AS Christmas approaches, many of us will be getting the decorations out of the attic.

If your baubles look like they’ve seen better days though, there is a simple hack to revamp for just pennies!

This nifty tip comes from TikTok creator @illustriousandy and should save you a fortune on as you won’t need to replace your baubles.

Instead, you’ll just need a humble pack of balloons and scissors to transform your tired decorations.

Whilst it may sound like a lot of hot air, she showed her followers how easy this was in a now viral video on the app.

For those looking to spruce up before Santa arrives, it’s worth noting that this hack works best with textured baubles and matte finish balloons – especially if you want to achieve that high end designer look.

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Before you get started, you will also need to remove the small gold cap at the top of the bauble, but keep it close by as you’ll need to reattach it later.

Simply trim the teat of the balloon and then stretch it over the offending decoration to give it a major revamp.  

Finally, you’ll need to put the gold cap back on and you are all set for the festive season.

As a pack of 50 matte balloons costs less than a fiver on Amazon, it is easy to transform your home for less this year.

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With Christmas only a few weeks away, many Tiktok users lit up when they saw this Christmassy hack – with the video getting over 12.5 million views in just five days.  

Many were eager to try out the Christmas craft and themselves so much need cash to go towards the big day.

 “OMG….I literally said the other day I want pink ornaments this year but didn't want to buy new baubles. Saved me a fortune,” wrote one user, who’d clearly gotten used to replacing her ornaments.

Another agreed, saying: “…this is the smartest Christmas hack I spend over $100 just on decorations every year!”

“They look matte and soft…. Almost like velvet!!!! 100% UPGRADE!” :added a third, as she gushed about the baubles new hue.

Many also noted that the thrifty hack could save your expensive decorations from being damaged by pets or kids.

 “Genius idea! Barbie pink is in style this year,” a fourth exclaimed, writing:  ”…and if the cat gets an ornament.. the wrap will hold the pieces.”

Others even offered their own spin on the Christmassy craft, saying that they’d added a bit of extra sparkle to their version.

“…if you want glitter one you can glue the balloon and dip it in glitter,” they suggested in the comments, with a sixth taking a more alternative approach to decorating.

“Hear me out glow un the dark balloons or black light reactive neon,” the tiktok said, adding a thinking and a Christmas tree emoji.

With so many different styles to choose from, you are bound to find something to suit your home this Winter.

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