Shoppers are raging as Asda’s Christmas Gonk collection sells out and is being flogged on eBay for four times the price | The Sun

GONK-LOVERS have been left fuming after discovering Asda’s sell out collection is being sold for more than four times the price on eBay.

The supermarket has spoiled Gonk fans with an array of cushions, bedding, ornaments and kitchenware with the festive characters on. 

And while Asda’s homeware collections are famously cheap, sneaky resellers have quadrupled the price to flog the sell-out stock on auction site eBay. 

Among the hiked items are its £6 Gonk Resin Autumn Sign and £7 cushions – which some shoppers nabbed for as cheap as 70p in-store thanks to seasonal reductions. 

One shopper took to Facebook group Get Your Gonk On to express her annoyance after finding the bargain resign sign being flogged for nearly £25 on eBay. 

“It’s really difficult to get and I’ve been in several stores and still can’t find it so have given up,” she said. 

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“But selling it for over four times as much on eBay is pretty off really. 

“I’m sure independent sellers can do a better job anyway.”

Yesterday, one shopper revealed she nabbed Asda’s Orange Autumn Gonk Cushion Zoom for a whopping 90% cheaper than full price.

Designed with three of the faceless characters on a burnt-orange base, it was initially sold for £7.

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Asda reduced the price to £5, but Diane Bryan found that it was scanning for 70p in her local supermarket. 

The cushion is listed on eBay for as much as £22.99.

Angry shoppers have called the price hikes on eBay “scandalous” and “absolutely shocking”.

“This makes me so mad,” one said. 

“It’s really annoying,” another fumed. 

“It shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”

Gonks started weaving their way into British Christmas decorations back in 2020, earning themselves titles as festive gnomes. 

They are commonly made from wool, fabric and felt, with long beards that make them look like mini Santa Claus’.

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However, they are not technically Christmas decorations.

Brits have been including them in their festive decorations over the last few years, including celebrities like Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch. 

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