Shopper slammed as 'selfish' for grabbing £390 worth of makeup from charity shop – but people reckon they made a mistake | The Sun

A CHARITY shop trawler has been slammed as “selfish” for picking up £390 worth of makeup – but people think he made a grave mistake.

The shopper, who goes by Kev The Reseller on Tik Tok, picked up 13 bottles of Bare Minerals foundation for a cool £26.

He planned to resell the products – which were all brand new in packaging – on popular auction site eBay.

But eagle-eyed beauty fans noticed that the foundation had three Debenhams discount stickers on them each… meaning they are likely out of date. 

Originally priced at £30, they were knocked down to £21, £18 then £5.88 before being flogged for £2 a bottle in the charity shop. 

Department chain Debenhams shut down all of its physical shops in May 2021 after the company collapsed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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It marked the end of its 243-year history.

Reseller Kev found the liquid products in a charity shop well over a year after they would have left Debenhams’ shelves.

He boasted about nabbing the makeup at a humungous discount on Tik Tok, but not everyone was impressed.

People called him “selfish” for picking up every bottle of foundation.

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One person said: “People who buy stuff from charity shops to resell defeat the whole purpose of charity shops.

“It’s so selfish.”

A second challenged: “Imagine someone didn’t have much money and you go in and buy them all.

“Seems a bit unfair just so you can make a profit.”

Eagle-eyed beauty fans pointed out that the products are likely out of date. 

One warned: “Check the expiration date.

“I’m pretty sure that it’s soon or already gone.”

Another quipped: “I don't know anyone that would wear Bare Minerals and it's probably out of date if it's reduced.

“I hope it sells for you.”

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An ex-Bare Minerals worker weighed in that the bottle’s Kev picked up were in the makeup brand’s “old old packaging”.

They predicted that the liquid foundation was probably made back in 2019 and its water base may not be good to use all these years later.

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